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Tyson Kidd Ready for MITB, Fans Chanting for Ryback More, SummerSlam Axxess Hype

– WWE posted the following video to promote this year’s SummerSlam Axxess event in Los Angeles:

– Tyson Kidd qualified for Money in the Bank on last night’s WWE SmackDown and wrote the following on Twitter:

“Time to start that money in the bank style training. Biggest opportunity in my entire career. Let’s do this #workhorse”

– WWE officials have reportedly been impressed with Ryback’s crowd reactions at live events. Besides the Goldberg chants, the feeling is that the fans are starting to like Ryback and chant his “feed me more” lines.

  • ant

    @Devil Rising..oh yeahhh cuz him squashing jobbers really shows how good of a wrestler he is,stfu idiot

  • Devil Rising Jr

    15 dislikes for opposing ryback?each of you are idiots. Ryback is boring as shit, carbon copy of goldberg, & stiff wrestler. Vince sure loves muscleman for some reason

  • Ahmed Johnson

    If a wrestler repeats himself with the same line over and over and does everytime there on it doesnt take long for crowds to do it.

  • ant

    Bill u make more sense then half the people on this site and i agree Ryback is NOTHING like Goldberg his whole body type,ring attire,and finisher is different im sick of people saying hes a Goldberg clone and yeahi would love to see him in a feud with some of these big guys like mark henry,big show,kane,etc so he can outpower them

  • Jimbotron

    Because we totally need a Goldberg clone to hold down all the decent talent on the roster. I can’t wait until they put this guy into a feud with Orton and Cena, then WWE will have written themselves into a corner because they won’t want any of them to lose.

  • Bill

    I dislike how a lot of people hate Ryback just because he squashes independent talent. I think his character is both funny & awesome, & he’d be great facing more serious guys like Cody Rhodes & Wade Barrett in the future for the IC or US title.

  • scooter

    It is impossible to tell how stiff someone is unless your in the ring with them personally I’ve been told my kicks look brutal but then when guys took them they said they barely felt it.

  • Nick

    Thanks SYM, you better belivie it, I am back, and ready to promote Tyson Kidd.

    YEEES! YEES! YEEEES! Tyson Kidd!

  • bb

    ryback going destory john cena for good

  • SYM

    YAAAAAAS! Great to see Nick back. It would be dope if WWE had Live Video Coverage of SummerSlam Axxess on their website, like how Spike TV had footage of E3.

  • Nick

    I told you all that Kidd is amazing,

    see who was right, just watch and see the talent this kid is gonna shit outta his ass

  • yofits

    Ryback sucks and is stiff like hell.
    Push Mason Ryan, at least he’s a broski.

  • Graham

    ryback is awesome better than cena

  • Jimbotron

    No….God please no. No more Ryback.