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UFC Will Be Adding Flyweight Division According To Dana White

Dana White confirmed today that the UFC will be introducing the flyweight (125 pounds) division to the UFC’s divisional lineup.

White’s been discussing the possibility for years, and now those discussions have veered in the proper direction after many previous distractions. According to White, the inclusion of the flyweight division may take effect “like, really soon,” with rumors indicating early 2012 as a probable divisional launch.

Expect a timely launch, but if things drag, don’t be shocked. As Dana White put it, “We have to get out there; we have to create the division.”

It’s a task that will certainly take some time, despite a few stellar flyweight competing today.

A few potential additions we may see help usher the division into the big leagues are Ian McCall, Fumihiro Kitahara, Jussier da Silva and Yasuhiro Urushitani.

Also consider the possibilities of the smaller bantamweights like Demetrius Johnson, Joseph Benavidez and highly underrated bantamweight, Nick Mamalis moving down to compete at 125, and you’ve got yourself a solid batch of true talent to study.

  • MMAeatsWrestling

    Baby’s first troll. So cute.

  • MrCharisma

    ufc is for fags, bunch of guys just rolling on floor, breathing on each other while dry humping… thanks

  • MMAeatsWrestling

    Not everyone can be a 6’4″ heavyweight. There’s definitely a lot of talent in the division to warrant its creation.

  • Matt

    pounds wtf. They will hire 12 years old kids to fit in that division?

  • MMAeatsWrestling

    More divisions = more fights, which is never a bad thing. I’m not sure how giving the fans what they want makes them cocky, but whatever. I’m hyped, the flyweights are exciting.

  • Sean

    they are getting cocky like boxing did

  • Jon

    How many division does UFC need