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UFC Fighter Asked About CM Punk, Flashes Stephanie McMahon’s Personal Phone Number

– UFC fighter Chael Sonnen appeared on TSN’s Off the Record in Canada this week and was asked by the host about his friend CM Punk’s WWE status. Sonnen said he didn’t know what was going to happen and didn’t know if Punk would be at WrestleMania XXX but said Stephanie McMahon would know.

Sonnen then held up a piece of paper with Stephanie’s personal cell phone number on it and told the fans to call the number. Sonnen then told Stephanie, “Tell Hunter I just played the game.”

OTR blurred out the number but producers later called and verified that it was indeed Stephanie’s personal cell phone number.

  • JAckh45

    sounds like a set up… why would he have her number written down at an interview? And if so why would it be sitting right in front of him… sounds like a work.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Lol, says the guy who does nothing but talk trash and when it really counts, never backs it up. Chael is such a attention whore tool!

  • rob

    i’d rather skype with steph, in the nude

  • justAfan

    Sonnen? Never herd of him. I know Couture, The ICEMAN, and Ortiz. I wonder If HHH even has a idea of who this guy is. “Being Sarcastic”