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UFC President Dana White recently shared his thoughts on the announcement that Strikeforce would be holding a Grand Prix tournament in it’s heavyweight division so White went on record this week about his thoughts on it while talking to Fighters.com:

“No [the Strikeforce heavyweight tournament isn’t competition], not at all. You know how I feel about Strikeforce and the smaller leagues. Listen, putting on a heavyweight tournament, if that’s going to draw some interest for those guys and then they end up with a somebody at the end who is perceived as one of the top guys, I love that sh*t. I honestly haven’t thought about it at all, but good for them.”

  • Jd

    What a dumb fuck! Are we supposed to think that because these guys aren’t in the UFC that they aren’t great fighters? The only thing keeping Overeem and Fedor as the most popular and baddest preceived fighters on the planet is the fact that they don’t fight for the UFC. Face it, both of these guys would pound Brock from behind and Donkey punch him when he finally realized he was getting his ass Reemed. Dana knows it too. Strikeforce may be the so called “minor leagues” compared to the UFC, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have great fighters. Keep up the propaganda and bad politicing Dana, but we’re not buying it. At least the true MMA fans who can think for themselves.

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