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How CM Punk Sustained Broken Nose, UFC Give Aaron Rodgers a Belt

– For those wondering, CM Punk sustained his nose injury when Randy Orton broke away from Nexus and lunged at Punk, inadvertently head butting him and causing the nose injury.

– Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers noted the following on his Twitter account today:

“@danawhite thanks for the belt and note brother”.

  • Howe

    CM Punk should have yelled “STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!” after Randy broke his nose. THAT would have been classic. And those tantrums that Randy threw after a wrestler made a mistake (specifically Kofi on one RAW) show that he has some growing up to do still….

  • stone cold

    oh and correct me if im wrong but wasn’t Mr Anderson accident prone when he was in the WWE? he was injured a few times after being there for a short time and he did hit Eddie too hard in the head with the chair. before any one says anything i know that it was what killed Eddie but he did hit him too hard and almost gave him a concussion

  • stone cold

    sorry i meant to say nothing happened when Rey and Goldberg hurt the other guys. Not too mention it did major damage to Bret

  • stone cold

    truthfully i think people should get a minor suspension for hurting someone even if it was an accident because of being careless but i dont think they would deserve being fired. look at what Rey did to undertaker or what Goldberg did to Brett. i can see your argument and because of the Kennedy situation i apologize for being wrong. but if it were Cm Punk breaking Orton’s nose they wouldnt do anything cause Cm Punk is one of the biggest heels right now.

  • Jon-Jon

    @ not a orton fan

    Learn English.

  • not a orton fan

    @Matt I no what u r saying but if orton did 2 somebody they would it would be ok but orton is 2 over rated now I used like him but he is holding 2 many could be mainventer back cause they made a mistake the miz almost did get the title casuse of orton is selfess it all about him nobody else

  • MARK

    I’m surprised the medics didn’t run down and try to glue his nose shut to stop the bleeding.

  • Matt

    Not a Orton fan your wrong.. The reason why Anderson was fired was becasue he did a suplex i believe to Orton to hard.. I remember that because I was reading the same thing over and over on different sites..

  • bloodstone

    i bet if cm punk ate a dog turd most of the people on here would be in the yard looking for one bunch of sheep

  • elvisD

    CM Punk!!! True sign of a champion, he went with the motion, got bloody and ran with it. Is it me or does CM Punk seem to reinvent himself, he’s been in the game for a while and he seems to be fresh and new in my eyes, and off topic Orton is off his mark, and you’re right!! if Orton got a bloody nose, the other person would be fired, suspended, or have to oil him up, i mean ask Rhodes or Dibiase!! case closed.

  • CM Mark

    Orton is awesome but he is SOOOOO reckless in the ring. To himself and other people. He needs to be more careful.

  • scooter

    @stone cold mr anderson says hi

  • not a orton fan

    Mr.anderson was fired for hurting by mistake kofi ant getting a title shot cause he made a mistake

  • Zach

    BloOooOOOood !

  • stone cold

    it was an accident. if it were cm punk breaking orton’s nose then he wouldnt have been fired. accidents do happen people

  • mark

    that will teach punk for being nosey x

  • not a orton fan

    Cm punk deseve a title shot now for getting his nose broke

  • Truthiness

    For those wondering? Who’s wondering? It happened live on RAW!

  • not a orton fan

    My bad meant 2 say orton does not deserve a title shot he broke one of there rule no blood in wwe

  • Vincent

    Re not a orton fan’s comment…


  • not a orton fan

    Well there goes Punks chance at a title shot again

  • RIch

    yeah like mr anderson lol

  • not a orton fan

    I meant to say if somebody broke ortons nose they would be fired

  • not a orton fan

    If somebody did that 2 orton they would be the next nite lol