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UFC Star Says He Wants to Buy WWE When He Retires

– UFC fighter Chael Sonnen tells TMZ that he wants to buy WWE when he retires from MMA fighting. Chael’s rep told TMZ that he’s not joking and has already met with “bigwig friends in the investment world to enact his takeover.”

A WWE rep told TMZ:

“We are a publicly traded company, so [Chael is] more than welcome to purchase shares of WWE stock and become one of our valued shareholders.”

  • Timothy Davis

    Well the more HHH has say the better its been. I doubt itll sink its to established and the only worldwide trusted name for casual goers which is sadly where the money is made. The only way itd sink is from bone headed decisions and that would take many years. I cant see it ever being a non McMahon place but who knows you could be right. When its sold itll then sink.

  • Johhny

    hate to break this to you…but i see it differently…when vince is dead and gone they will sell because wwe will sink.So i am sure steph and trips would sell

  • Mike Grajales

    $10, I think that’s more than enough for the Sony takeover.

  • Pewp

    Sonnen would be GREAT in WWE.

  • Matthew Farrell

    In 1997 it nobody thought WWE would buy WCW. Never say never.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    He’s never gonna be able to afford anything if he keeps getting his ass kicked lol

  • Timothy Davis

    He could probably afford TNA haha, but he could never buy the majority share owned buy the McMahons because they’d never sell their shares. Keep dreaming Sonnen. That said they could use an outspoken smart ass minority owner to shake up their predictable ways.

  • CC

    Can your cat please advise me as to whether my take over of Sony and Ford is viable? I have rasied $10 so far. Is that enough?

  • Matt Trovato

    I believe him, I’m working on buying Microsoft, McDonald’s, Nike, and Walmart after I retire. Don’t believe me? Ask my rep, who just so happens to also be my cat.

  • Hasan

    People can dream but.. wow this is something lol!