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UFC Star Interested In Working with WWE Star, WWE Responds to CT Group

– A group in Connecticut called Moms Opposing McMahon has held a rally and released material online speaking out against Linda McMahon and WWE as she campaigns for the US Senate. MOM is mainly speaking out against WWE’s edgy TV in the past. WWE responded:

“All WWE broadcast programming is TV-PG, rated not by us, but by the standards and practices departments of our TV network distributors, while the majority of today’s prime time programming is rated TV-14. Five million women watch WWE’s weekly TV programming, representing nearly 40 percent of our TV audience. Women would not be watching if they found our programming objectionable.”

– Daniel Bryan noted in several media interviews that his inspiration for the “YES!” chants was UFC fighter Diego Sanchez. In a new interview with, Sanchez says Bryan is supporting him in a way and he has his back. Diego expressed interest in working with Bryan as his team has reached out to Bryan’s people. Sanchez said:

“My team has reached out to them and we’ll see what happens. We both are the ‘Yes’ men and if we could help each other that’s what it’s about. It’s about that positivity and motivating yourself to do things you could never do when unmotivated.”

  • Jbrd
  • Gator

    I’m gonna muck your fom diwh a big black wildo. :p

  • Will Henderson

    @Robinson, because they just don’t want to let bad things go, especially politicians. politicians use their opponent’s past in attack ads to destroy his/her cred and make sure they don’t win. it’s politics 101, they always use the bad things that happen in past to destroy people’s cred.

  • Robinson

    Why are all these people bringing up the attitude era? It was along ass time ago Jesus.

  • Razor Jamón

    So da WWE signs Rico Swavey, I mean Diego Sanshez, but no Da Sad Guy….Razor Jamón. I shoul throw my toohpick at those jotos.