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UFC Stars Speak About CM Punk Potentially Joining MMA (Video), WWE Stars Betting On Olympics

– Below’s USA Today video clip shows MMA fighters discussing the possibility of CM Punk joining MMA, with most of the comments favorable…

Pop2It has released a video with John Cena talking about the WWE locker room betting on Olympics curling. He did note that he and other wrestlers were engaged in a betting contest, albeit with no cash on the line.

  • Truefan

    yeah i did my research actually and im pretty sure he said “wrestler”…and its not his fault he already had a dad in the know how many guys get tryout matches that NEVER make it?Orton got to the top the same way HBK,Bret Hart Austin and all those guys came roughed up by hardcore holly and bradshaw his rookie years never complained and learned alot and Randy Orton has been puttin on some of the best matches for years u cant even lie his ring work is second to none

  • Andre

    Randy told his daddy he wanted be a “superstar” Bob said ok Ill take you down to a show meet the boys get you a tryout. Do your research its how it went down. Now guys like Punk and Bryan didn’t have that luxury they started from the bottom.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Punk can’t join MMA, he’d quit if he wasn’t champion by his 3rd fight lol.

  • Andre

    Punk is a pro wrestler He belongs in a wrestling ring. Vince McMahon and Triple H can be seen countless times in past years saying how much you got love and sacrafice for this business how much you got to fight and claw to get to the top and they get a wrestler like Punk who is all those things and they put him on the back burner for a guy like Batista who is none of the things they say. In 2013 Punk saved Royal Rumble Wrestlemania and SummerSlam with his matches. To make a story short It is sad to see a guy who deep down dislikes wrestling facing a guy who has been handed everything since he arrived Orton to main event Mania for the belt.