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UK Legend at WWE NXT, Edge Having Neck Surgery, More

– William Regal noted that his former tag team partner from the UK is in Tampa this weekend. Regal is headed to check out some of the WWE NXT talents and UK wrestling legend Robbie Brookeside is coming with him. WWE’s Sakomoto later confirmed that Brookeside would be working with the talents this week. Regal tweeted:

“Very much looking forward to the weekend in Tampa.Get to check out some talented prospects for NXT and get to hang out with my best friend and former Tag Partner Robbie Brookeside who is in town on some talent scouting business.The Golden Boys ride again.Gawd help us.”

– A match between Tyson Kidd and Daniel Bryan was taped this week for WWE Saturday Morning Slam. The match received rave reviews from fans in attendance but not in the normal way that a Bryan vs. Kidd match would get rave reviews. It’s said the match was a pure comedy match and the most kid-friendly WWE match in a long time.

– WWE Hall of Famer Edge was interviewed by The Matthew Aaron Show last night and noted that he is going in for neck surgery on November 8th. Edge added that he will be out for about 4 months.

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  • misfit del rio

    fuck that Saturday morning slam is entertaining. They actually have to change they’re stile, and try to wrestle. I’ve got no problem with that. Regal vs ryder from last week was entertaining.

  • Dan

    How would Bryan win a match on Saturday Morning Slam, all his best moves are attacks to the head, which aren’t allowed.

  • cc

    Out of what for 4 months? Life?

  • scooter

    Robbie Brookside is amazing! Met him twice and he gave me a lot of advice, total class act all the way!

  • xXx

    ZOMG! Edge is gonna be out for 4 mos! who will wrassle Sheam-O for the world title?