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Ultimate Warrior Reacts To Raw Mention, WWE Reveals 101 Secrets, More

— Tonight’s episode of Raw featured a “SummerSlam Recall” segment flashing back to the 1988 event where Ultimate Warrior ended The Honky Tonk Man’s record 15-month Intercontinental Championship reign in 30 seconds. Warrior was besieged with messages on Twitter regarding the highlight. He wrote in response:

“My tweeter’s crashed. 100s of tweets about a young WWF kid Jacked-to-the-Gills rushing a ring to launch what would become legendary. VKM?!?

“Who would of thunk it? I did. I did. You want it? You fucking take it. ABW”

— The latest special edition issue of WWE Magazine is titled “101 WWE Secrets Revealed!” It is currently on newsstands.

— Former WWE Champion Bob Backlund has been announced for Legends of the Ring XIII, which takes place Saturday, October 8 at the Crowne Plaza in Monroe, New Jersey.

  • venom

    Secret #3: Fatt Hardy’s daily diet consists of 5 big Macs and 4 Super Size fries with a Dr.Pepper.

  • Titan

    Secret #2: Hhh. Bangs Cena, not Stephanie

  • Sean Mooney

    Here’s what I read from a different wrestling website. I am surprised it hasn’t been posted on W-E.

    “According to a report in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, has reportedly offered Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior $100,000 each to participate in a sit-down shoot-style interview.”

  • The Goon

    @ Sean Mooney – don’t both guys get $50k if they do the interview (splitting $100k)?

  • The Goon

    How do we interpret this Warrior rant? Is he asking Vince a question at the end, like, “what were you thinking using a video of me?” Obviously it worked, it got people talking. Unfortunately, Warrior, VKM still (sort of) OWNs you…. sorry.

  • Sean Mooney

    Well, I guess Warrior was right about not watching wrestling, they show that clip ever year. Now that he has a twitter, he has people to actually tell him about it. Anyone else find it strange that out of nowhere, he seems to be talking so much wrestling. Even before Randy’s death and Hogan (both triggered A LOT) though. He joined Twitter, Facebook, is uploading videos, etc. Is there any legitimate chance he returns anywhere? WWE for HoF? TNA for storyline with Hogan? Or is he just craving more attention and reliving his past when he was on top (be it only a few years)? I really hope he and Hogan do that sit-down shoot interview. I am not sure who’d be less likely to do it. I don’t think Hogan would want to do it, but I think Hogan needs the 100K more.