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Ultimate Warrior Speaks About Being Released from WWE Back in 1992

The Ultimate Warrior spoke about Vince McMahon firing him and the British Bulldog during the federal steroid investigation in a recenter interview on Warrior claimed they were fired for drug test failures that never actually occurred.

“Vince was feeling the heat from the federal investigation in what ultimately became an indictment over the steroid thing,” said Warrior. “It’s another one of those instances where he did what he had to do to protect his foremost interest, which was himself and his business. He made the claim that me and Davey Boy, Davey Boy got let go at the same time, that we had violated the drug policy at the time, which wasn’t true.”

“We deposed Dr. Di Pasquale, who was in charge [of the drug policy]. We went to Canada and deposed him as part of the litigation and he said it wasn’t true. He was the guy that had the absolute authority in the program to decide who should be let go or if there was a different way of evaluating something. If they saw something on a wellness program test or something, it was up to him. He said he was totally shocked and surprised when Vince let me go and fired me. He never got a reason.”

Part 2 of The Ultimate Warrior on MLW Radio with Mister Saint Laurent will be available this Thursday on

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