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Ultimate Warrior Says He Turned Down WWE Hall of Fame Invite, New Figure

– The Ultimate Warrior is telling fans on Twitter that Vince McMahon asked him to be in the WWE Hall of Fame but he turned down the invitation.

A fan wrote that Warrior was never respected by his peers and needs that respect to be inducted. Warrior replied, “One peer’s respect decides ALL – VKM. And I said no.”

Another fan wrote in that other stars were much more worthy of the honor than Warrior. He replied, “Yeah, and none w/balls to turn VKM invite down like I already did.”

Mattel will be releasing a new Warrior action figure in February as part of their WrestleMania Heritage series.

  • bc mitchell

    They have a right to make figures of him because he signed a contract giving them that right. His deal with Mattel is strictly good business and doubt it reflects his personal feelings towards WWE


    They have the right to make figures of him…… Anyway Warrior is a G and tells it like it is.

  • venom


    But I thought Warrior and WWE settled everything in court last. I mean Warrior can’t hate WWE that bad if he let’s them making figures of him.

  • Greg

    sorry guys i dont tink warrior is wrong if he didnt take the invite assuming he was asked. The dvd they made of him was pretty cruel i hear so why wouldyo go back to a company when they portrayed you as they did him even if it was true you dojnt hear that stuff being told about the current stars.. like how stonecold beat his wife at the time debra.. just saying

  • Men on a Mission

    I’m a little baffled that Warrior has no problem with product endorsements and royalties, which I’m sure he’s getting (for action figured and video games), but why NO to Hall of Fame? Well, I’m sure he has his reasons for not accepting the invite, but still, he’s okay with his face on WWE products. You’d think it would be all or nothing.

  • Jon

    Warrior has lost his marbles a long time ago. This doesn’t surprise me.

  • Big T

    Sure he did….and nobody in TNA dreams of headlining Wrestlemania.

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    warrior, with this behavior, doesnt deserve to be in the hof!!!!