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- WWEDVDNews reports the following edits in the WrestleMania 27 DVD, which comes out tomorrow:

* Several edits in the Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler match, including Steve Austin giving Cole the middle finger during his entrance.

* Triple H’s entrance with Metallica’s “For Whom The Bell Tolls” was replaced with an in-house version of the theme. The Undertaker’s entrance with Johnny Cash’s “Ain’t No Grave” has been replaced with his normal theme.

* Fans booing after the gospel choir finished with John Cena’s entrance was edited out.

* Triple H’s Hall of Fame speech for Shawn Michaels reportedly lasted around an hour but on the DVD it’s only 30 minutes long.

- Former Guns n’ Roses member Steven Adler will hold a press conference on May 17th where he will reveal that he’s teaming up with former WWE star The Ultimate Warrior for a new project. Adler will also announce details on a “big television show and major record deal” at the press conference, so Warrior may have something to do with that.

  • Triple H

    I’ve heard some or these edits, & boy, do they sound BAD! Let’s hope the guy who did the edit with Michelle McCool on SD wasn’t in charge of the DVD editing!

  • venom

    Ultimate Warrior will probably ask for more money.

  • venom


    Yea that was so funny. They have to edit the fan’s reaction to that. They might as well edit the crowd and have everybody cheer for Cena all the time.

  • Trixie

    that was really funny when the crowd booed after cena’s chior.

  • Will Henderson

    @Rucdogg, you can blame the RIAA and the musicians for WWE replacing mainstream hits with production music or old WWE themes not being used anymore, they reason royalty fees are pretty expensive in music and WWE was being cheap so they only buy the royalty fees for the TV/PPV broadcast only and not the home video version.

  • http://www.cricketinc.com Jaspreet

    1 hour speech… Was HHH reading Shawn’s daily diary or something???

  • JOE

    why do they use the songs if theyre not going to put them on the dvd? music edits are never done well.

  • Rucdogg

    I agree the Johnny cash theme isnt that good but why replace it? I hate when they do that, I was there and cant wait to see it on dvd but now who knows how much shit will be left out. Kinda like Mickie vs Trish at mania when Mickie grabbed Trishs crotch then licked her fingers, one of the funniest moments ever and they took it off the dvd.

  • Yogi

    I was there. Triple H’s speech lasted around 30 minutes!

  • JD

    Wow, those WM edits to HHH and UT’s entrances sound awful.

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