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  • Evil Doink

    Okay, I see your point, Stinger. But just consider for a moment that not everyone is money-motivated. For all you/we know, Warrior could be set for the rest of his life. I do know that wrestling is not and never was his only source of income.

    Hulk Hogan has been Hulk Hogan longer than he has been Terry Bollea. Hogan himself is quoted as saying “I take advantage of being Hulk.”

    All I’m saying is, it’s easier to look past the negative when someone has the star-power of Hulk Hogan. Of course, I don’t know him personall, but I think Warrior has many valid points, and he is entitled to his opinion. After all, everyone else has an opinion.

  • Stinger

    I see where your going with this pal, but all in all we will never know the truth behind these stories he’s telling..In my point of view, all of these 9 videos is a marketing scheme for a somwhat possible book he is publishing sooner or later so that people will buy this book! I can undertand the guy, he has to make a living now that those WWF-dollars are getting lesser or most likely finished!

  • Sean

    is that to say you know warrior personally where this really is part of getting some recognition-be relevant again or know hogan personally where none of this is true?

  • Stinger

    Okay Evil Doink I guess you know Hulk Hogan persnally? This is all part of getting some recognition-be relevant again..

  • Evil Doink

    Sadly, I believe that 75-80% of what Warrior says is true. Hogan is the type of person that can hide behind his fame and money to do the stupid things that he does/has done, and remain virtually untouchable. Not actually a good role model if you think about it, but society has lead us to believe that Hulkamania is cool.

    Warrior may seem a little wacky and too caught up in this, but obviously he feels passionate about how men in wrestling, and our society act, and I for one, am interested to see what he comes up with in his “positive movement.”