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The Undertaker vs. CM Punk at WM?, RAW’s 20th Anniversary, More

– Brock Lesnar’s latest DVD set was the top selling sports DVD of last week.

– Tom Prichard is opening up a wrestling school in Knoxville, where he recently moved.

– As of this week, it appears that The Undertaker will be working at WrestleMania 29. With his potential opponents limited to strong heels that can get a great match out of him, the current front runner is CM Punk. It will be interesting to see how they get there.

– WWE RAW on January 14th, 2013 from Houston, Texas will be the 20th Anniversary episode of the show. WWE is expected to hype it as a historic night, but it won’t be as loaded of a show that RAW 1000 was.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Psychomiklos

    Punk will beat the Rock and Taker will win the rumble or Punk will say that he’s beaten the best peoples champion and will want to end the streak.

  • Tootles

    dream Card: Rock vs Brock – taker vs cena – Punk vs bryan – orton vs ziggler – Sheamus vs rayback – mysterio vs cara

  • tony belfast

    could brock not be the one to face taker,, it was brocks best feud before he left i think anyway,,,other than that it would b good to see cena cause rock to lose against punk at rumble, setting up cena rock and stirring punk to taker,,,or it could be taker surprise entrant in rumble wins it anf takes on the winner of the punk rock match

    brock – taker wm29
    cena – rock 2
    punk – ?? lol

  • SYM

    You fags can cry as much as you like, Punk is dominating Taker at WM not a damn thing you can do about it.

    Then Taker can retire the broken piece of shit he is.

  • jimbo

    How about Lesnar returns beats up Punk(having Heyman turn on him too) and have them feud for awhile. Lesnar ends Punks streak and dominates his opposition for awhile. He says no man can beat him and have Undertaker return and challenge him. This would have tons of media coverage behind it due to the actual feud they really do have. It shapes Undertakers last match. He retires WWE Champion. They have a tournament on Raw next day and someone who’s never held the championship wins it. We start a freaking new era and bada bing bada boom.

  • Jeff

    Punk isn’t a big enough star to face Taker at wrestlemania.

  • Nigger Please I’m the real sym

    Thu Gould have that nogher juan

  • Bill

    I enoyed Taker vs. HBK & HHH, but they lacked the all-important heel factor. CM Punk could be that factor & have a great feud with The Undertaker, finalizing with an amazing Wrestlemania main event.

  • wwefan07

    I rather see Cena vs. the Underatker.

  • jr

    @cakes….not bad….not bad at all……

  • donkster

    Forget cena vs rock once in a life time was once enough!

  • cakes

    Then the WWE can book the match at WM, have the Undertaker beat CM Punk for the WWE title (thus ending Punk’s historic reign), Allow the Undertaker to retire at WM without losing or looking weak, and further solidify Punk’s heel character by having him come out the next night and claim that this was all apart of his plan and he ended the Undertaker’s legendary career. HHH or whatever authority figure the WWE allows could then come out and announce a tournament for Backlash or Extreme rules (whatever PPV is after WM) to determine a new WWE champion. And as much as I regret it, this would allow the WWE to finally put the title on Ryback and finalize his monster push.

  • cakes

    The whole entire issue with booking the Undertaker at WM is the concept that the fans have to legit believe that the Undertaker’s streak can end. And I believe that the myth of ending the streak has completely vanished within the last 4 WM’s with HBK and HHH failing to do is. With that being said, I believe the best scenario would be to have Punk keep the title up until and claim that he has beaten Y2J, Bryan, Cena, Big Show, Ryback, and The Rock but still doesnt get the respect he deserves as being the greatest champion and wrestler of all time. This is what will bring out the Undertaker and his surprise return. The Undertaker claims that if Punk wants respect then he’ll have to beat the top dog in his own yard; Wrestlemania. Punk tried to sneak his way out of it again and again until Punk or Heyman comes up with the idea that if Taker wants the match, he’ll have to put his streak on the line, but in the reverse order. Have Punk start cutting promo’s on Taker claiming how for the last couple of WM’s the streak has overshadowed the WWE title. Punk would then challenge Taker’s streak by claiming that if the Undertaker beats Punk for the WWE at WM, then Taker must retire as champ. But if Punk wins, Punk ends the streak and comes down as the greatest of all time. This would allow the WWE to promote the storyline as being, What is more important to the Undertaker: Retiring with the WWE title or his WM streak?

  • Wayne

    There is no chance in hell of aba taker coming back at this point of callaway’s career. Kayfabe wise, the deadman is stronger than the biker anyway.

  • adam

    Idk if rock will have the title there was talk of having punk vs taker streak vs streak.

  • tim

    I can see Punk whining about losing to the Rock and never getting respect and the “American Badass Taker” coming out to tell him he has to earn respect. I remember Taker was throwing the respect gimmick around as the “American Badass” character. I kind of feel the “Deadman” gimmick has gone stale again and with Taker having so many injuries its tough to buy into the indestructible “Deadman.” So make it like its shoot and Taker is just himself and tired of Punk being a whiny ass.

  • HELL YEA! I’m for it!! And it wont be the first because they had a feud 3 years ago for the world championship with hiac.

  • xXx

    crap i’ll settle for that on a punk match as long as taker is healthy enough to give a good match at the least

  • Sam Peters

    CM Punk can come out and say that even holding the WWE title for a whole year does not get him respect so he wants to try and be the man to end the streak.

    coz by then i think Rock will have WWE title and will face Cena

  • Märzen

    lets just Hope that ther’re Not gonna do cena- Rock 2! Then this could Be one hell of a wm with so many Stars in it: taker, Punk, Rock, lesnar, cena, triple h, orton, ziggler, Bryan and hopefully y2j!