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Undertaker and Hogan To Counter CM Punk Chants?, WWE Concern Over RAW in Chicago

– After a week where the CM Punk talk has started to die down, people within WWE are looking ahead to the March 3rd RAW from Chicago. There is a lot of concern about how that show will play out. With The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan scheduled to return at the February 24th RAW, they could be brought to the Chicago RAW as a way to counter the Punk chants.

There was less concern this past week because while there were Punk chants at live events, they didn’t pick up or last that long. The feeling is that with nothing major happening with the Los Angeles crowd at RAW on Monday, it’s pretty much a done situation with the possible exception of Chicago.

Going into the Los Angeles RAW this week, officials feared fans would hijack the show and ruin the John Cena vs. Randy Orton main event. The idea was to bring Daniel Bryan out twice, including right before the main event, have him go over strong and get the chants out of the way.

There remains mixed feelings within the company regarding Punk’s status. Virtually nobody agrees with him when it comes to walking out 30 minutes before a live TV shoot. Many have sympathy for some of his concerns but they argue that Punk was legitimately the #2 guy in the company for a while. On a related note, it’s acknowledged that Punk was very popular but the belief is that he was not a ticket seller to live events and only on occasion was he a difference maker in pay-per-view business. At the same time, Punk was the #2 merchandise seller.

  • Dave

    I don’t think it will matter. Not too long ago, Taker was talking in the ring and getting “what” chants. He’s the one wrestler that I wouldn’t expect that to happen to, yet it did.

  • TheFizPop

    Both are just as ‘entertaining’ to me. The fandom currently within wwe is way more entertaining than the product itself. Seeing nothing but riled up fans is funny, especially as wwe is nothing more than a poorly directed soap opera now. The fans clearly take this piss-poor time in wrestling more seriously than the company lol. The fact that ‘fans’ will still support a product that has gone bad, is doing nothing positive, just says to VKM well fck it, if they’re still buying this crap, we’ll just keep it that way.

    Even when the holier than thou Bryan (who i like alot) gets the title, it wont mean sht, that belt means nothing now, Bryan will never be hotter than right now, giving him the title brings ‘closure’ and wwe want to milk the physcophant fans as long as they can.

  • Daniel Macias

    The chants dying out is complete bullshit. I was at Raw live and the punk chants were loud and often, they doctored the audio to drown out the chants

  • Who’s worse? “Internet fans” who blindly believe whatever dumb sites like this tell them is “going on”? Or fans on the internet, who blindly watch, root, and pay for WWE’s product, no matter how bad it gets?

  • OpFor

    Sooner or later WWE will realease a DVD ( the rise and fall of CM Punk ) just as they did with the ultimate warrior , whether you love punk or agree with McMahons , they are jerks

  • Jeff N

    I liked seeing punk. Ive been to 2 Raws one in Indy and one in Fort Wayne,Ind. Both times Punk came out he blew the roof off.

  • The Killswitch

    If Punk doesn’t draw, why were they offering refunds for the shows he was no longer appearing in?

  • Matthew

    The ONLY thing that matters about this article is the fact that Punk doesn’t put asses in seats. People can whine bitch and moan all they want about HHH and the direction he’s taking the company now that he’s in charge but what they need to recognize is that even at his worst the Greenwich Blue Blood put asses in seats. And everyone please save your CM Punk love for someone who would actually care to listen…………….. Colt Cabana’s really the only one I can think of who might be willing to hear you out and one place I can assure you that you’ll never see him is inside a WWE ring again.

  • JAckh45

    #2 guy recently… Due to mainly being booked against the shield… How many weeks in a row on raw did we see Shield v punk? yet along live events… and ppvs…. it was almost 3 months in a row. Naturally it will lose sales. How is that punks fault for being booked against the same guys all the time.

  • Jesus Ortiz

    Or march 3 never know

  • TheFizPop

    Find it funny that Punk walked, wasn’t fired, he chose to walk and yet the imbeciles start lambasting the wwe as though they fired Punk lol, love this industry. Really is blind leading the blind

  • D2K

    It’s a work, and Punk will return on the February 24nd RAW.