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The Undertaker & Michelle McCool Backstage At Raw, J.R. Working With Mattel

— The Undertaker and Michelle McCool were spotted this afternoon by fans situated in the parking lot at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas (site of tonight’s Raw) entering the venue.

The married couple reside in Austin. It is also where they tied the knot in June 2010.

— Jim Ross stated on Twitter that he has finalized a deal with WWE’s toy distributor Mattel for a project geared towards longtime fans.

He wrote, “Just finalized a deal to work on a WWE/Mattel project that long time fans/collectors are going to love. More details coming.”

  • tombstonepildriver

    Undertaker is the best ever! Like it or not.

  • D2K

    I miss classic Undertaker. Hair covering the face, grey gloves, grey/black boots, slowly moving around the ring and only accelerating when attacking his opponent, deep chilling voice, and of course Paul Bearer and the urn.

  • JIR

    I say Kharma should take her time and take care of the baby first then worry about returning to the ring

  • The mark

    He’s probably just visiting the guys backstage. If he were returning they’d probably be more careful to not let people see him around the arena.

  • The Real Joe. remember that storyline?

    Random comment, I miss the biker taker days. Deadman nowadays is too “little kiddie”. The American badass gimmick was more adult friendly. This is the pg era tho

  • Shadow Stepper

    so does this the undertaker will cut a promo on RAW, for his return?

  • TS93

    @Jason more like JR trying not to break keyfabe

  • TS93

    I do know but kharma said a year, some ppl said by wrestlemania….plus idk how long she wld have to wait after having her baby. And thts not even considering if the kid comes early or late

  • Jason

    @ Kane

    Good question although I heard that the bald pics are old and are actually just extremely short hair but that hasn’t been confirmed one way or another.

    Oh hell now I sound like Marc Middleton LOL

  • kane

    did taker have hair?

  • CC

    You do know how long a pregnancy lasts I take it?

  • TS93

    *random comment* when’s kharma coming back? I miss her 🙁