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– The Undertaker returned to the ring at tonight’s WWE live event in Waco, Texas. The following photos come from #WWEWaco on Twitter. It looks like Taker teamed with Sheamus to defeat Damien Sandow and Wade Barrett. Stay tuned later for more details.

Taker 1

Taker 2

Taker 3

  • eamonn h

    Now be honest if no name was added and just that first pic you would think kong bundy was after making a come back

  • Omar

    He needs that sleeve less shirt he used to wear in the attitude era.

  • Mike Wells

    Looking a bit out of shape. That’s a right gut he’s got on him!
    Looks like Kane when he was unmasked!

  • Omar

    Thats weird isnt it? Doesnt WWE like to have the surprise factor on RAW? Is this a new way of making hype for RAW?

  • http://retrorevelations.blogspot.com/ Jesse Moak

    God he looks terrible bald…and this is coming from one of his biggest longtime fans.

  • Jason Lentini

    Kind of surprised Taker hasn’t grown his hair back yet

  • Prince

    I really hope this means Punk vs. Taker is happening.

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    We don’t know that yet, Doctor. He may be testing himself in the ring, which might be why he chose a live event instead of a broadcast event.

  • Guest

    I guess this makes CM Punk vs Undertaker official now.

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