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Will The Undertaker Wrestle For WWE Again?, Booker T Filming Web Series, More

— Last week at WrestleMania XXVIII, The Undertaker and Triple H met inside Hell in a Cell in a bout that was branded as “the end of an era.” The latest issue of WWE Magazine, which features The Undertaker on the cover, plays up the “the end of an era” storyline as they ask “Will The Deadman Rise Again?”

Despite speculation that The Undertaker’s match last week may have been his last, many WWE employees now believe he is able to compete in a few more matches and will almost certainly work WrestleMania XXIX. This belief is based on The Undertaker appearing less injured following his WrestleMania outing compared to the prior year’s.

— Booker T is filming his upcoming Reality of Wrestling web series Saturday in Houston, Texas, according his Twitter account. The show will premiere on May 1 on YouTube.

— WWE will hold a live event at the Indoor Stadium in Zurich, Switzerland on November 8, 2012.


  • When you go down you stay down true words of an undertaker.

  • Eve’s left Nipple

    I would want him to face is Sting, Other wise i don’t really care. Theres no mystique or excitment to the streak now, If he had a meaningful fued with Wade Barrett then it could be good. WWE must think were idiots if we don’t remember The Nexus attack Taker.

  • KyB27

    JayHawk = Beiber fever

  • Jeff

    HBK n Taker at W.M 29. TRIPLE H refs

  • JayHawk

    watch your mouth son I hate people that lash out over a keyboard knowing that they never say thing like this to another person face to face.

  • Gorilla

    Best believe his last opponents will be all hand picked by the deadman

  • KyB27

    @JayHawk: cody rhodes??? there are a lot better guys than cody rhodes u stupid faggot.. fucking kid

  • This Guy

    Mannnn… time has been flying, i still remember watching his first Mania match with HHH at X-7 and now hes 20-0

  • vigado

    Undertaker vs Tito Ortiz 20-1

  • Paton

    love how its not a matter of if Undertaker gets injured, its a matter on how badly injured he is.

  • SYM


  • black sincarsa

    i bet hew iwll next year

  • Ihab

    More than Wrestlemania, I would like to see Deadman retire at Survivor Series.. The legend began at SS, I think it would be a better place to retire at too.

  • Greg

    undertaker will be around as long as ric flair and hulk hogan have been, get over his retirement, hes a leader not a quitter.

  • Robert

    Why do people keep on saying they don’t want to see HHH v Taker at WM again? Clearly didn’t understand definition of ”You will never see this again, you will never see these two in a match at WM again, it’s an end of an era”

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    falling short this time*

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Undertaker Vs. Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 29. Brock will probably win the WWE title this year, and not lose a match until Taker costs him the title, Lesnar will probably lose the title to Cena after defeating Cena a couple of times. I highly doubt they’d do Lesnar/Taker for the title, even though the Rock will probably be fighting Cena for the title at Wrestlemania 29 and falling short this year.

    Undertaker Vs. John Cena at Wrestlemania 30.


  • josh

    I’ll probably get hate for this, but I’d like to see Dolph v. Taker. Dolph sells so well, that I think it would set up for a energetic and epic match. Plus, he’s young so he can take the bumps that Taker can’t.

    That or another Foley v. Taker match. I think that’s who Foley was hinting at in that article a few days ago

  • Ahmed Johnson

    I would love to see Kurt Angle return to face Taker at Wrestlemania. I always loved the Angle vs Undertaker feuds.

  • Nicholas

    It is all about when the streak ends that will be the end of the Undertaker. I know people want to see Undertaker lose at Wrestlmania but it will happen some day. I just don’t want to see another Undertaker vs HHH match but feel maybe that is the only guy Taker wants to face. The reason why HHH makes Undertaker look good even when Taker not 100%. I feel Randy Orton can do the same thing an feel Randy Orton is due for a big Wrestlmania because this year he clearly not 100%. I just feel if anybody should end Taker streak that is an active wrestler Randy Orton is due for a major Wrestlmania.

  • Robert

    It’s not about who he will face but how WWE are gonna pull of the spectacle that HBK/HHH provided for us agaianst the Undertaker. Both of them put in an amazing wrestling match… You have to wonder not who the person is to face the Undertaker but if HBK/HHH’s matches can be beaten.

  • Eddie

    ‘Taker didnt leap over the top rope this time (because of the cage) that was the only thing missing from that epic match.
    Hopefully he can pull it off next time.

  • Best In The World

    I call taker coming back for summerslam leave for abit then show up where he started and wrestle someone at survivor series then rumble then mania

  • JayHawk

    I would like to see taker face someone new these next two or whatever years he decides o still perform. Let him do a program with Cody Rhodes or another up and comer brock nor cena need a match with taker brock doesn’t need it since he is only here for a year and cena doesn’t need it since he has feuded with take back in the day. Unless they turn cena heel then I might say go with it. When Taker he decides to stop wrestling it will be special like hbk i would say flair but he hasn’t stopped. But if it could happen I like to see him at wrestlemanina 29 vs cody and a dream and only a dream wrestlemania 30 vs sting. But when he does retire it will be a big day in wrestling history since he has done so much for the business and for fans so if he does just wrestle once a year he can he has earned the right to do that because he is the most respected wrestler in the wwe.

  • Bill

    I’d love to see Undertaker face younger guys at WM from now on, like Wade Barrett, or guys he’s almost never faced, like Chris Jericho.

  • Loopy420

    Sting is washed up he doesn’t deserve to be in the ring with taker let alone participate @ Wrestlemania.

  • Matt

    stfu about his retirement, taker is gonna wrestle until he decides not to.

  • Gorilla

    i don’t think its an obsession I just think undertaker means alot to wrestling and wrestling fans i would like see him stick around for years to come but to see him retire at mania 30 undefeated i don’t think it could get any bigger then that for the deadman and also id hate to see taker stick around till he makes a fool of himself like Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan but getting back to retiring at mania 30 leaves taker with two opponents in my opinion there is 3 men left deserving of honor to face him on grandest stage that’s Sting/The Rock & John Cena i personally think Brock Lesnar don’t deserve it he left taker hanging looking like an idiot at a ufc event back in 2010 also Brock made remarks about wrestling being scripted Brock does draw an audience but he done deserve go and main event mania against undertaker

  • 1919dpg

    why is there this obsession over the undertakers retirement? people have been discussing it since 2002!!!!


    I know that Taker is a big MMA fan i bet you that he wants to stay around long enough to match the record of the MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko 30 – 0 in his prime i think Taker wants to get as close to that as possible but who knows how his body will hold out.

  • Ant

    The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar for Wrestlemania 29

  • Gorilla

    I hope he comes back and retires at wrestlemania 30 22-0