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More on The Undertaker’s Future, Okerlund Still Undefeated, Miss USA

– Former WWE Tough Enough contestant and possible new roster member Rima Fakih is scheduled for court today in Michigan to answer charges of drunk driving.

– Tim sent word that WWE Hall of Famer Mean Gene Okerlund remains undefeated after teaming with Sheamus on SmackDown last night to defeat the team of Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio. Gene previously defeated Mark Madden in a WCW Street Fight and also teamed with Buff Bagwell to defeat Kanyon and Madden.

– As noted before, people backstage at WrestleMania 28 were talking about how good The Undertaker looked in the ring and the belief is that he will at least work WrestleMania 29. Word now is that Taker will likely work several more WrestleMania events from here on out.

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  • Undertaker Vs. Sting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • KGM da beast

    The streak stops with Brock! The next big thing will lose to Cena at Extreme Rules, get beefed up and face him again @ Summerslam to not only beat him but explain the only reasoning behind his comeback is the streak and…

  • Whooper

    Triple threat match.

    Undertaker vs Barry Stevens vs Benny Camer

  • Pyro

    How is “several” more WrestleManias even possible? I don’t mean physically, although that’s always a concern, but storyline wise, you’ve built Taker up at Mania to such an insane degree that, who is left? I could see 2 more at MOST. Lesnar at 29 and Cena at 30, which is his retirement, but to even go that far after this Mania seems crazy. When he takes like 20 chair shots, 2 or 3 hammer shots, however many it was, a Sweet Chin Music and 2 Pedigrees and he kicks out of all of it, I mean, where’s the drama in another match? What’s gonna beat him at Mania, like…you’d have to hit him with a train. After that Cell match, the drama is gone, the doubt that maybe the Streak could ever end is gone, and I love the HIAC match, it was amazing, but if he’s still gonna WrestleMania for years at Mania, what’s the cost? You’ve told a great story but you’ve sacrificed the drama, I can’t even buy Brock Lesnar or John Cena beating him, and when Cena and Lesnar are in a situation where I can honestly say that I feel that they have absolutely no chance of winning, that might be a sign that it’s gone on long enough. The moment on the stage with Shawn and Triple H was a perfect way to end his career, he’s done all he can, further Streak matches simply aren’t believable.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    Undertaker said in an interview that her actually offered Kurt Angle thr chance to end the steak a few years ago when he was champ but Kurt didn’t want to out of respect.

  • Jason L

    Its Vince who doesn’t want him to lose. He stated in an interview years ago he’s cool with losing but its Vinces’ call.

  • rko

    Doesn’t taker have creative control of his character? I guess he hasn’t found anyone worthy enough to break his streak. Until that time comes, he staying undefeated.

  • David

    Mean Gene Okerlund also teamed with Hulk Hogan to defeat George Steele and Mr. Fuji back in 1984. There is even footage of Hogan & Okerlund training for the match.

  • Tyler(:

    I’m proud to be one of the few ( probably the only ) non-fan of Undertaker.

    Dudes been boring since ’04 no matter what feud or what storyline.

  • kitkrock

    Undertaker vs Scene Cara vs Hunico at wrestlemania would be great!

  • hamad

    why do people want taker to face barrett… i mean barrett fucking sucks! and know that is very likely that the rock is going to wrestle one more wrestlemania and with lesnar returning maybe if stars line up and sting come to wwe then why the fuck puting barrett there and more after 4 takers awesome matches at mania!

  • Bill

    I wanna see him face a young guy next year, like Wade Barrett or something.

  • 1919dpg

    i thought taker was going to retire this year with a loss to triple h.
    it would have been the perfect way out. 19 – 1

  • dave

    i say Undertaker vs Undertaker 2!!! thatll end the streak

  • Prince

    Not sure why Taker wouldn’t want a couple more pay days if he can handle it. If he’s in good shape he could wrestle a few PPVs in between WrestleManias. Don’t see it happening though. I’m sure he’s happy getting millions of dollars just for WrestleMania appearances.

  • Matthew

    I say Undertaker vs either Sheamus or Wade Barrett at WM29, goes 21-0, then at WM30 Undertaker vs John Cena, goes 21-1. I really think that the only person that UT and WWE will allow to end the streak will be John Cena.

  • Gorilla

    I love the deadman but history has shown in world of wrestling its better go out when your still on top then stick around and wait for your body break down HBK is a prime example of that but i like rest don’t want see taker go

  • Best In The World

    i want undertaker more then once a year maybe get a schedule like the rock and fight like every couple pay per views.

  • keylo

    Date: Apr 11, 2012 at 11:59 AM, now the haters can stfu about taker retiring every fucking year.


    “Word now is that Taker will likely work several more WrestleMania events from here on out”

    HMM ? Please point out where a named source has openly said this ? as to take the word of a no name source of any kind is mad as much as I would love to see Taker even just once a year after his last performance. I will just hope and pray that day he walks away finally is in the far future and not near one and till I hear it from a source and not “word now etc” I will continue to pray.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    I say 22-0, Lesnar at Wrestlemania 29 and Cena at Wrestlemania 30.

  • Leon

    Undertaker is going 25-0!!!!

  • Dave

    Will he make it to a quarter century of Wrestlemania victories?

  • Matt

    now the haters can stfu about taker retiring every fucking year.

  • Jake

    Undertaker vs okerlund wm 29 that’ll get you 2 million buys lol

  • Taker is like a fine wine gets better with age

  • Ronald

    I’m proud to call Taker my twin uncle!