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The Undertaker’s WWE Status, What Did He Do In Nashville?, More

– Regarding The Undertaker’s status, there is still nothing definite. If there has been a final decision made, it is being kept very quiet.

As noted, Taker was not backstage at Monday’s RAW from Nashville, even though he was photographed at a Nashville Predators hockey game the night before. However, Taker reportedly did have a meeting with Vince McMahon while in town.

It’s said that Taker does not want to come back and have to fake his way through a mediocre match, which is why his status is up in the air. He had major shoulder and hip surgery over the past year which made it impossible for him to do any serious training for a long time. Taker couldn’t lift upper body because of shoulder rehab and couldn’t do lower body because of the hip rehab.

As of a few days ago, the internal word was that Taker is still “planned” to face CM Punk this year. People close to Taker believe that if he doesn’t do WrestleMania 29, then his career is not over and it would simply mean he didn’t have enough time to fully recover from everything. The expectation is that he would like to do WrestleMania 30 in 2014 and that the show could be built around his farewell since he will be 49 years old at that point.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Sean Kaboni

    he’s 20-0 right now lol

  • d_pooch

    If he won at WM30, wouldn’t he be 20-0? That would make more sense anyway…

    Also, Kevin Nash is over 50 and he is in the best shape in a long time. I think Taker should take the next year to get back in shape and do his farewell match at WM30.

  • CC

    Simple fact is, being heavier puts a lot more toll on limbs and joints. Plus, as other people have said, the matches that Taker has taken part in over the years have tended to be a hell of a lot more physical. Stings full time career was a lot shorter as well.

  • Jeff Wurtz

    And Sting hasn’t wrestled in uncountable cage matches, inferno matches, buried alive matches, boiler room brawls and etc… Taker’s in ring work is much more grueling than Sting’s 8 move repertoire.

  • Jack

    Also Sting doesn’t do all that much in the ring nowadays. He’s literally getting carried in his matches. He’s really protecting himself. Taker goes all out and it keeps him all messed up.

  • Roy Bledsoe

    Plus to Taker credit he wrestled in matches Sting, who’s my fav wrestler, never did. Hell in a cell, buried alive, chain match, first blood and others

  • kawika nui

    and dont forget sting retired a few years after wcw was sold before he went to tna, so he had years to let his body heal and a schedule that demanded less when he did come back.

  • Shawn Bronald

    Crazy how Sting is 53 and will be 54 in March and can still go in the ring. Undertaker, isn’t even 50 and needs a year off before having one match. I guess it’s because he’s taller and had a more grueling style in the ring.