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Upcoming Important Dates for CM Punk as WWE Champion

– As of today, WWE Champion CM Punk has held the title for 343 days. Courtesy of Ken, here are some upcoming milestones for Punk if he can hang onto the title tonight:

* If Punk makes it to November 12th as WWE Champion, he will tie Kevin Nash for the 9th longest reign in WWE history at 351 days. Punk would have to make it to the go-home edition of RAW before Survivor Series and leaving RAW that night will put him into #9 by himself.

* If Punk goes into Survivor Series on November 18th as WWE Champion, he will tie Hulk Hogan for the 8th longest reign in WWE history at 364 days. If Punk retains his title at Survivor Series, he will be in 8th place by himself.

* If Punk makes it through November 25th, he will pass Randy Savage and place #7 on the list, at 371 days.

* Punk will tie John Cena for the 6th longest reign in WWE history with 380 days if he can make it to December 4th with the title. Making it through the December 4th SmackDown taping with the title will put Punk on the list at #6 by himself.

  • d2

    the main difference is with punk turning heel in the middle of his title reign it allows him to face different opponents which helps keep his feuds interesting.

  • phoenix

    No no that just him sucking Vince’s dick for so long.

  • aly

    heyyy relax….The plans for royal rumble….its Cm Punk Vs The Rock…..This Year will be not change for Wwe Title…..A Fantasy match maybe will be Ryback Vs Brock Lesnar…But it’s only a dream:))

  • JohnCena33

    John Cenas 2007 Title Reign Matches
    Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Title: Champ John Cena beat Umaga

    John Cena & Shawn Michaels beat The Undertaker & Batista

    WWE Championship: Champion John Cena beat Shawn Michaels

    Fatal 4 Way for the WWE Championship: Champion John Cena beat Shawn Michaels, Edge, and Randy Orton

    WWE Championship: Champion John Cena beat The Great Khali

    Falls Count Anywhere for the WWE Championship: Champion John Cena beat The Great Khali

    WWE Championship Challenge: Champion John Cena beat Mick Foley, King Booker, Randy Orton, and Lashley

    WWE Title: Champion John Cena beat Lashley

    WWE Championship: Champion John Cena beat Randy Orton


  • Keith Learmonth

    Punk has already done something Cena never did in his title reign. Turned Heel. He made things different. That’s why his long run is more acceptable than Cena’s.

  • aaron

    Umm cena is a second rate face. Sorry it’s true I don’t care if it’s the man or the industry’s fault but it’s true.

    For Punk he has gone from face to heel very well. Being able to be a big face champ against Jericho now he is arguably the biggest heel in the company.

    While Cena’s run was always a clean win nothing interesting happened at the end of his title defense match that made you want to the next night on RAW to see what happened next. In essence he was boring.

    So that is why people are saying that he should beat Cena’s run. Because Punk is still interesting with being the WWE champion for so long. Where as Cena would be the same thing as always “oh my God Cena is so hurt there is no way he can ever win this match….oh wait he won.” Yay……….

  • JohnCena33

    Honestly, people whine about Cena’s reign (which wasn’t even bad), but lets give Punk 500 days. YOU PEOPLE MAKE NO SENSE. At this point Punk has no one left to feud with. So give belt to The Rock, thats what WWE needs to do.

  • JohnCena33

    Punk doesn’t deserve to have a 500 day title reign. That would be so stupid. I mean 400+ days is long enough for Punk. If he held the title for that long, his character would just be equal to John Cena.

  • Best In The World

    Punk will make it to cena

  • Cboz78

    lol Punk won’t make it to number 1 all time length reigns. Bruno Sammartino had it for just under 8 years.

  • Ricardo

    I have to quote because this just made me laugh so hard:

    “Cena had a reign in 2007 that just WOULD. NOT. END. It was absolutely painful (…) As for Punk, give him 500 days. Punk deserves a REAL milestone.”

    Ahahahah – so Cena’s reign just would not end. But let’s give Punk 500 days because he really deserves it. This is the kind of idolatry that justifies the expression “cognitive dissonance”.

  • Buttercastle

    The crap thing about streaks is the longer they last, the longer we have to wait for someone to attempt to beat it. Image if Punk makes it to number 1, hell even the top 5, that means whoever they choose next for this streak we will have to endure for over a year in the main event.

  • dave

    i agree with letting punk set a new modern day record that will never be broken and then the story line can become part of the box office. and the guy who beats pnk for the belt gets a piece of history. i however, feel the belts are irrelevant nowadays

  • Nathan Drake


    In 2006 Cena won the WWE title from Edge in September and held it until September or October of 2007 when he vacated the title
    Hope I helped

  • Hank Moody

    No, you are wrong. Cena had a reign in 2007 that just WOULD. NOT. END. It was absolutely painful, and the only reason it did end was because he got injured.

    As for Punk, give him 500 days. Punk deserves a REAL milestone.

  • sam

    did i miss something? because since when did Cena hold the WWE title for over a year? the longest hes had was 9 months or so. unless of course this is his combined number of days. someone correct me if im wrong

  • ice-cream bar superstar

    1 and sorry, I don’t have a stutter.

  • ice-cream bar superstar

    Nash was number 9 in length and and number 1 in god awfulness.