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Update On AJ Lee Incident, Lee Confronts Beadle For Speaking To CM Punk In A “Disrespectful Tone”

Additional and conflicting details have surfaced concerning a backstage incident between WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee and NBC personality Michelle Beadle at last Wednesday’s Tribute to the Troops event at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Pierce County, Washington.

Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer reported this morning in a podcast on that Lee went on tirade towards the Access Hollywood co-host upon seeing her chat with CM Punk, her boyfriend, backstage at the event. WWE officials were very embarrassed and angry at Lee over her “unprofessional conduct,” which is corroborating. They are especially upset because Beadle appeared as an invited guest of WWE, who is affiliated with partner NBC Universal. Furthermore, the incident took place at Tribute to Troops, which internally is considered one of the most important events of the year by WWE chief Vince McMahon.

Beadle was at the event as the official host, which will air as a one-hour television special on Saturday, Dec. 28 at 8/7C on NBC.

The word among wrestlers backstage at today’s WWE TLC pay-per-view event in Houston, Texas, was that Lee did not approach Beadle due to jealousy, but because she had spoken to Punk in a disrespectful tone. Lee approached Beadle after Beadle had a conversation with Punk, not during a conversation between the two as had been previously reported.

Beadle had remarked something to Punk in a disrespectful manner that allegedly upset him, which led to Lee searching for her—what Beadle said cannot be confirmed. It is said that Lee approached the popular television personality and told her that she was not to speak to her boyfriend in that manner again and if she did, there would be a problem.

One wrestler who witnessed the incident is denying the claim of Lee raising her voice and cursing at Beadle.

“Anyone who said that is a liar,” said the wrestler, who spoke under the condition of anonymity.

Since Beadle is a celebrity, there is heat on Lee over the ordeal. The same wrestler remarked, “Celebs are untouchable in the backstage scene. WWE wants them more than they need any wrestler, so automatically, the wrestler is going to be wrong here, even when [Lee] isn’t really.”

Beadle acknowledged rumors of an incident with Lee this morning on Twitter. In response to a fan remarking to her this morning on the social media outlet, “You should have slapped AJ Lee when she got in your face,” Beadle stated, “Meh. I thought it was a joke.” She then added in response to an upset AJ Lee fan, “Hon…it was done in front of company people. I didn’t say a word. I thought it was a joke.”

Lee is scheduled to defend her WWE Divas Championship tonight at WWE TLC against Natalya.

  • LoganSR71

    CM Pimp

  • D2K

    “Once and once only: I’ve known CM Punk for years. Considered
    him a friend. When I saw him at the arena, I said ‘hey f&$?face’.
    The exact same way I talk to everyone.”

    So I guess because she uses this immature and disrespectful tone to “everybody” I suppose it’s okay right?

  • Os

    From what I’ve heard, Punk gets mad easily if he feels disrespected.

  • Dflo

    I don’t get it. Which comment by Beadle are you referring too?

  • D2K

    It doesn’t really matter if they get annoyed or not. They have their code of ethics of other people have theirs. WWE is well within their rights to take whatever actions they wish, but that not preclude that AJ was in the wrong for standing up for someone she obviously cares deeply about “IF” Beadle did say something slick to Punk. That’s a huge if because no one has a clear explanation. Only hear-say, conjecture, and opinion. Not a lot of fact.

    Based on what Beadle said in her tweet, “professionalism” doesn’t seem like it is something on the top of her “to do” list. I don’t allow even my best friends to address me in that manner. It’s hard to pain AJ in a corner as being “unprofessional” with a comment like that from Beadle as a backdrop.

    The main thing about this is that this really was more of a situation of WWE trying to protect their phony repuation in the public eye. Stuff like this happens backstage all the time. It only matter because this was an NBC sponsored event.

    If they were smart they would find some way to spin this into an angle for Wrestlemania.

  • Yes3X

    WWE isn’t the real world. Wrestlers have been fined and punished for less.

  • JAckh45

    A fine?
    for what, talking up out of place??
    I don’t know where your from, but in the real world thats retarded.
    It will simply be frowned upon. Next NBC meeting, AJ will be sent away… far away.
    She will get told to mind her place and to keep emotions down.
    That is all that will happen. She wont get fined… that’s stupid

  • CC

    Somebody who, like most “celebrities” WWE uses, is not known outside the USA.

    Fair enough tribute for the troops is aimed at the American audience only, but the rest of their shows they really start to think about the fact that its an international show these days, and they actually make more money outside the US than inside these days. Bringing in Hugh Jackman is great, but bringing in the host of a daytime tv or game show … pretty pointless really.

  • Matthew Farrell

    I’m sure AJ is the only woman who can actually draw, so she’ll probably just get a fine or something

  • Yes3X

    First of all from what I understand it takes very little to upset CM Punk so if AJ intends to yell at everyone Punk doesn’t like then she’s got a ways to go. Second of all who does AJ think Punk is? Beadle isn’t a wrestler so she doesn’t need to fellow the ridiculous backstage code of memorizing 1000 different courtesies to use when speaking to a veteran. Lee was in the wrong.

  • poko

    If they’re at work then it’s a problem. That boyfriend/girlfriend posturing has no place in a professional setting. CM Punk is an adult, that’s something he could have handled himself. There is no employer in the world who would not get annoyed over that kind of drama.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    They broke up quite awhile ago.

  • Sweet Monkey

    I stand corrected…

  • Sweet Monkey

    If A.J. wasn’t already scheduled to drop the title at TLC, i betcha she is now.

  • Jerichololololic

    i thought Punk was banging lita?! sure the best doesn’t have both? 😛

  • Matt Trovato

    Who in the sweet crispy Jesus is Michelle Beadle

  • D2K

    Okay, well she’s taking up for her man. I don’t see a problem there. WWE seems to have a over developed value of themselves. First the 2K Sports incident in which caused Jim Ross to be FIRED and now this. If the lady did say something disrespectful to Punk then what would you expect AJ to do? She’s lucky that’s all that happened. I’m all for being professional as you can and giving people the benefit of the doubt, but I love a girl that is down for you for whatever. Real talk.