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Update on Austin Aries-TNA, Thursday’s Impact Rating, Hulk Hogan In Zombie Hamlet

– As noted before, TNA has re-signed X Division Champion Austin Aries to a new deal. PWInsider that he’s only signed for one more year.

– The May 17th episode of Impact Wrestling scored a 1.08 cable rating with 1,476,000 viewers.

– Hulk Hogan will be starring in a new movie called Zombie Hamlet. Hogan will play a character named Mr. MacBeth. Here’s the trailer:

  • Chris

    Still does not change the fact that WWE were fools to pass up signing Aries and Roode when they had the chance.

  • CC

    @Sym, that doesnt mean they were in WWE. Unsigned jobbers regularly appeared on those shows, just as they have on Raw and Smackdown. Just look at the recent Ryback thing. None of those unknown guys were with WWE.
    If you remember a few years ago, British wrestler Andy Simmonz had several job matches agains the likes of Umaga etc. He has never signed with WWE, and when I spoke to him about it during a training session, he stated that he managed to get the spot because of friends in the industry, and never signed a WWE contract.

    Its been the standard for years for local jobbers to appear in WWE matches without ever being signed.

  • scooter

    When guys like that were used on metal and heat 90% of the time they were bought in for appearances they werent under contract

  • MJ

    Johnny Ace is the guy who picks the talent and he was the one who didn’t pick AJ, Aries, Joe or even Bobby roode to go to wwe. So maybe you should cast judgement on him


    Sounds like a shitty straight to DVD movie that no one will care about that’s good because Hogan is involved

  • SYM

    @CC AJ was on WWE Metal which I believe aired on TV & Austin Aries was on Heat. But Roode was not ever in WWE I dont think.

  • Tom

    sorry, i didn’t realise there was a definition for a ‘real’ wrestling fan?…

    Why can’t people on this site just appreciate everyone has different views?

  • CC

    @Chris, when were those three in WWE? Tryouts dont count.
    Closest any of them probably got was when AJ was with WCW but wasnt kept on when WWE bought them.

  • SYM

    @ Tyler(: Its hard to do that when they don’t come on TV & u can only see small scenes from them online. I do watch AAA & CMLL on Galavision however.

  • Tyler(:

    No Chris, if you were a REAL fan, you’d watch more than the the three mainstream promotions.

  • Chris

    He was already in the WWE and guess what they did not want him. Same with Roode and AJ. WWE now days has no idea what real talent is and that is coming from a 26 year fan of WWE.

    Prince if you were a real fan you would watch ROH, WWE and TNA and not just WWE.

  • dx

    austin aries should go to wwe, they should deff look into that guy hes got it all he can talk wrestle carry himself that guy is the future

  • prince albert

    this is what staying on topic is for you? making yourself look uneducated without my help…

  • SYM

    @ prince albert WTF did I say to u on the “Are You Serious” Article. Ur not Funny or Cool so go to bed Billy or I’ll ask ur Mom to lower ur Bed Time.

  • prince albert

    Impact ratings are fuckin epic should go well against ROH wrestling… HH movie will be shitful!