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Update on Brodus Clay’s RAW Plans, Waltman Hosting Royal Rumble Party, SmackDown

– Stan sent word that this past Friday’s WWE SmackDown had 45 minutes and 41 seconds of in-ring action, up from the previous week.

– Sean Waltman will be hosting a VIP party in St. Louis, MO on Saturday, January 28th, 2012 before WWE’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view. The party will take place at Europe Night Club. Waltman and Kevin Nash previously hosted a party in Atlanta for WrestleMania earlier this year and Waltman promises that some of his fans will be attending the Rumble party.

– While his debut was cut from yesterday’s RAW Supershow due to time constraints, the current plan is to finally re-debut Brodus Clay on next week’s three-hour show. The talk going around is that Clay will be involved in the top storylines on RAW.

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  • venom

    I can see they are going to build him like a monster and same thing with Ryan. Then the two will face off at Wrestlemania. just like Lashley vs Umaga.

  • simon07

    I don’t care much for him and haven’t been bothered in the slightest that he’s not been around.

  • Kris

    I cant stand him

  • fivogoeswest

    Lol. He was terrible as delrio’s bodyguard. I’m sorry but am I the only one whos not impressed by this guy? He just feels like another wrestler the WWE is gonna force down our throats cause they love his size. Which is kinda funny. I thought thats one thing they didn’t like about husky harris, was his size? I guess they don’t mind it when ur as big as brodus though. Because honestly talent wise I see those two guys at the same level.

  • Zach D

    I drift in and out

  • Unique

    Ummm Zach…..are you an idiot?

  • Sammo

    He already was bodyguard(ish) for Del Rio!

    He’ll be pushed as a lone monster now, not somebody’s sidekick.

  • Zach D

    Brodus could be the next big thing. He has the size and looks like Big Daddy V. I could see him as a bodyguard to Del Rio or something like that.