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Update on CM Punk Possibly Leaving, SmackDown Stars Trend, Moxley’s Name

– Jinder Mahal, The Great Khali, Sheamus, Alicia Fox, Randy Orton and others were trending on Twitter during last night’s SmackDown.

– John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio is being advertised for WWE’s July 30th RAW show in Rockford, Illinois. It’s interesting to note that CM Punk is not being advertised for the show from his home state. It sounds like if Punk does leave WWE this Summer, it will be before the end of July.

– Former independent wrestling star Jon Moxley is now going under the name Dean Ambrose in WWE developmental. He has been added to FCW’s roster page.

  • The Killswitch

    I don’t hate on Orton because he actually has talent. It’s not his fault he’s booked to win the way he does. If they made CM Punk to be a “superman” like Cena, then I would be more upset at Creative than the man himself.

  • U ain’t Awesome

    And 2 cm mark, I didnt u were with the wwe? Bottom line is everybody that says there done with wwe is bullshittin. U know all of u will still watch wwe so I just gotta ask “Why u Bullshittin?”

  • U ain’t Awesome

    Fuck cm punk!!! Fuck cena 2!!! What if vince made punk out 2 be the next cena and orton.? Would u bitches hate on him like y’all do cena and orton?

  • The Killswitch

    I hope Punk stays. He’s one of the most interesting, unique and memorable stars on the roster. He’s amazing on the mic, and puts on great matches with just about anyone. He’s damn near my favorite wrestler right now. And I hate picking favorites these days.

  • venom


    Then Super Cena will beat Punk at two ppvs straight.

  • Bill

    CM Punk won’t leave…… at least I hope he doesn’t. He’s slowly getting back into the title picture. I can sense it. Punk’s not dead!

  • CM Mark

    Looks like I’ll be leaving the WWE before July as well…

  • CM Mark

    Looks like I’ll be leaving the WWE before Jusy as well…

  • venom

    Khali on twitter. lol. What was he saying? “hrbuewbfehfb?”

  • Snark Mark

    Dean Ambrose? While on the subject of CM Punk, perhaps WWE should take a lesson I learn whats in a name. They allowed Punk to be Punk and he succeed where most fail. He got over with the fans instantly and rocketed to the top to feud with Rey Cena Taker Orton Hardy, guys who had been with the company 10 years longer.
    Let Moxley be Moxley and see what happens.

  • CC

    Two things on the advertising for that show. Firstly, how many times have we seen advertising for shows that have little or no relation to the show that actually takes place (at least one show recently advertised Batista).
    Secondly, WWE isnt stupid. If they are having contract negotiations with someone that could go either way, then they are not going to risk advertising them for anything after their contract is due to end, just in case they cannot reach an agreement. Its not actually an indication someone is leaving, its just playing it safe.