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Update on CM Punk’s WWE DVD: Punk Calling the Shots, Says People Are Upset

– As noted before, WWE Champion CM Punk confirmed his new WWE DVD to come out later this year. Punk spoke about the DVD on Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast and said he’s already upset a lot of people in regards to decisions he has made about the DVD.

WWEDVDNews reports that Punk has a lot of input on the DVD that will include matches and a documentary style feature similar to recent Randy Orton and John Cena DVD’s. Punk picked the matches for the DVD and which stars were interviewed for the documentary.

Punk talked about watching recent DVD sets on Randy Orton and Chris Jericho, then sending a long e-mail to WWE employees about what he wants for his DVD. Punk said he didn’t like the usual narrators that can be heard in the backgrounds and the choice of music on WWE’s DVD’s. Punk is refusing to have “crappy bands like Switchfoot” on his DVD and is planning on using music from bands he is a fan of and friends with.

The set will be out on DVD and Blu-ray later this year.

Source: WWEDVDNews

  • Bill

    This DVD sounds bad ass!

  • John

    Punks picking the music. Those who buy it can fully expect to hear alot of s**tty unknown metal with screams instead of lyrics that shouldn’t even pass as music.

  • venom

    He should have the say because it’s his DVD set. Took them long enough to make one about him.

  • moo

    CM Punk has horrible taste in music, Minor Threat and Rancid are horrible.

  • Devil_Rising


    Give me a break. What the fuck would you call HHH then? Hmmm?

    Punk is a stand up dude, who is honest, and put himself in a POSITION to be able to say what he wants. If I were a big WWE star, I’d do the exact same thing. I’d want a DVD set that was how I wanted it to be, not how some goon in WWE corporate thought it should be.

    And you know what? Punk fans will thank him for that.

  • Rucdogg

    He just comes off as a spoiled little brat that wants his way on everything. Get over yourself

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    I hope they come with the WWE Ice Cream bars =)

  • awesome cant wait till it comes out

  • scooter

    finally some love for punk rock!

  • Valo487

    Maybe this DVD will actually live up to it’s potential, as opposed to the same old same old blandness we have been getting.

  • Barri Griffiths WHAAAAY

    Punk seems to be getting a bit too big for his boots as of late..

  • JIR

    switchfoot is a karaoke band at best

    Damn right he should have full say in a project that details HIS career

  • Mark

    Its his dvd he should choose whats in it

  • Cenaheelturnplz

    I like switchfoot

  • BestInTheWorld

    In fairness to Punk’s music taste, Switchfoot is a pretty crappy band. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the match listing and this could be great.

  • Barry Darsow’s Golf Gimmick

    HA! I love this guy!

  • Jesse Kowalczyk

    @Ahmed Johnson

    I am definitely on the other side of the fence. I love the matches-only dvd’s. Sure, hearing about the Superstars from colleagues and such is fine. But, for me it’s like the whole spectacle around the Super Bowl. The whole day leading up to the game is full of stories. I’m interested in the game, the stories and speculation surrounding the event or person are bullshit.

  • Ahmed Johnson

    I like the documentaries better than the dvds that just show matches with a brief lead in.