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Update on CM Punk’s WWE DVD, Shawn Michaels Hunts Elephants, More

– WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels’ MacMillan River Adventures kicks off season 2 this Tuesday night at 11:30pm EST on The Outdoor Channel. The premiere episode will see Shawn and Keith hunt elephant in Zimbabwe, Africa. Below is the trailer for the new season:

– WWE’s shop website has released several new Superstar themed sunglasses.

– As of now, the working title for WWE’s CM Punk DVD set is “Best in the World.” The set has been confirmed for Blu-ray release also and will hit stores in October of this year.

  • SYM

    HBK = Heart Break Killer O_O

  • Cody

    And to those saying and agreeing that Shawn should die because of waht he does is a load of BS, but that is wrong. Over half of the entire world hunts,or counts on someone to hunt so that they may eat once again.

  • Cody

    Why does everybody on this site have such a big deal with hunting? If it wasn’t for hunting, their is a 99.9 percent we wouldn’t be here today. And for those that say say Shawn does for pleasure, he probably does, but don’t say that the meat and resources from the animals are not used. He and Keith Mark donate what they don’t keep for themselves to charites, and those who need it.

  • Abrahomer Simpson

    It’s an unfortunate situation in the grand scheme of things, but Michaels (who I’m not particularly a fan of in any capacity) hasn’t really done anything all that audacious. Elephant in Zimbabwe are a pest. They eat crops and are capable of consuming an entire harvest with their appetites, leaving villagers with little or no food.

    Hunting elephant saves their crops as well as providing meat for villagers. One elephant can feed several people for weeks and as someone above mentioned, the license fee brings in a lot of revenue for other public works projects.

    I am normally opposed to both African big game tourism and HBK, but this is quite a conundrum. If HBK, his money, and his “blood thirst” can help people in need, it sucks that it comes at the expense of endangered species but basically, there’s no right way to handle this.

    Elephant are beautiful and majestic creatures that are endangered, but guess what? So are human beings in Africa. I’m going to assume that most of us posting here have at least decent access to food, considering we’re all posting on a pro wrestling message board using time and money (perhaps better spent if you’re starving). At any rate, it’s too easy for us to judge.

  • Devil_Rising

    Shawn Michaels is a walking piece of human trash for a lot of reasons. I never bought his “I’ve found Christ and changed” bullshit, from the start. He may have “buried the hatchet” with Bret, but if I were Bret, I’d most certainly still never trust the motherfucker. And this hunting shit? Pathetic. Hunting fucking ELEPHANTS, that are already poached to extreme degrees? Real classy.

    You ask me, hunters are classless motherfuckers. It’s all about the thrill of killing something, shooting a gun, making something die, and having that make you feel like your tiny dick is bigger for it. Killing something with a gun that can’t defend itself, does not make you man. It makes you a fucking coward.

  • moo

    Shawn really is a piece of shit, I had way more respect for him when he was a bi-sexual drug addict asshole than this shit!, hell maybe killing animals helps keep his homosexual tendencies inside of him.

  • mabry

    Am not pissed off anymore, right now am just Sad… Why do we human need to kill animals for fun???, isnt it enough with sports and TV and movies and video games???, why killing animals for no reason???…

  • Buttercastle

    While I’m against hunting all together, I realize there is a difference between hunting for food and hunting for pleasure and sadly HBK seems to be doing the latter. Maybe him retiring wasn’t that great of an idea if he was gunna take up killing random animals for no reason.

  • 1919dpg

    how very christian of shawn.. i bet jesus would love to go massacring innocent animals..

  • Cody

    Can’t wait to see Shawn Stalkin the elosive elephant.

  • I’m really not happy to hear/read this news. I’m still an HBK fan cause he’s one of the best ever in the ring but some of his decisions outside of that ring are questionable at best.

    I generally try not to find out too much about my favorite wrestlers outside the ring because I just know that they will lose their luster due to different political views or something else. I’d rather just know them through Wrestling because going beyond that could ruin my “relationship” with them and make me stop liking them as much.

    Frankly, I want to enjoy wrestling and don’t want anything else getting in the way of my enjoyment of the show. So I’d rather stay ignorant of these guys personal lives.

  • rabid

    While hunting elephants may be wrong.. hunting big game like does have its upside. You have to pay a large fee that goes to provide clean water and help many people in the area.

    Let the thumbs down and hate begin…. Lol

  • Man

    Has Shawn Michaels gone mad? Leave the poor elephants alone!

  • John

    I have always defended HBK and tried to justify his need of shooting things, until now that is…speechless.

  • yofits

    Vince should REINVOKE his Hall of Fame status.

    Chris Benoit killed (lord knows, no-so)innocent people, HBK kills innocent animals.

    No difference between the two, but I guess Vince just hates Benoit because he’s Canadian & Vince is a RACIST!

  • rko

    Agreed. I think hbk is taking his love of hunting to the extreme. Elephants? What the hell is the matter with shawn? I think he’s lost his mind.

  • mabry

    i never liked HBK that much, but i allways had a lot of respect for him, but now, i just despise the guy. Hunting elephants, specially in the conditions they are is just discusting… maybe he can hang out with the King of Spain, onother jackass that enjoys hunting close to extinction animals…. man am pissed off, i cant understans human mind….

  • mark

    I like HBK , but cant agree with what hes doing here. Elephants are no threat to anyone

  • Sammo

    I pity anyone who thinks that hunting and killing elephants is entertainment.