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Update on Dixie Carter’s Big Announcement, Hulk Hogan Featured, More

– As noted earlier, Dixie Carter teased a big announcement at their TNA fan party on September 1st in London. She posted this graphic for “TNA Gutcheck UK” as a “little hint” about the announcement.

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– As reported earlier, Sting and Mickie James attended the Jimmy V Golf Classic in Raleigh, North Carolina this past weekend. TNA has posted several photos from the event.

– ABC News is featuring an interview with Hulk Hogan in his hometown of Tampa, FL, the site of this year’s Republican National Convention. Hogan talked about Tampa during the interview, and also said that he was keeping who he was voting for in this year’s Presidential race “a secret.”

  • eric

    unless big annocment was tna growing brain getting rid of hogan and his untalent dumb daughter. then i don’t care. hogan is old man who needs to go away. just like hhh promo on raw. when he was talking about people hanging around too long. not going to be able hold ur kids. waiting for somthing to pop. showing working match for big check. i thought he was talking about hulk hogan. because all those things he said in his promo describes hulk hogan. hogan is there for paycheck. he doesn’t care about tna. he is there for big payday. he has hang on too long. i thought hogan was going to fall over. when he was trying to punch one of those aces and 8’s guy. it is painful watching hogan in 2012. hate to break it to hulkster. but he is not draw anymore. this is not 80’s or 90’s brother. go home hogan!

  • Payasillo

    Hogan voted for Obama last time. This probably means he is voting for the other guy

  • Angry Benny

    Big Announcement: Football season is starting, and that she ate a tuna salad sandwich with sun chips, thanks Dixie

  • Kingablert

    Second bullshit article about the same announcement, Yet no announcement yet no news, how fucking boring is she.

  • MattyTrapp

    Dixie Carter: “We have just signed The Brooklyn Brawler…..this will change the landscape of professional wrestling”

  • Jon

    Darn I thought Eric the Midget was the major announcement… damm

  • Really

    I dont watch TNA anymore, but I always see the headline of Dixie Carter and a big announcement. Is it still the same big announcement or is every announcement big?

  • Wife Beater 3:16

    Big announcement!

    We’re changing the canvas from every other day to every weekend!

  • adam

    Have any of her anouncments besides angle and sting coming actually been big?

  • Phill

    Oh my god, enough with these big announcements