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Update on Edge’s Retirement, Speculation on His WWE Future and More

– As noted before, Edge has legitimately retired from WWE due to issues with his neck that haven’t been improving. Edge had been talking about retiring in two years but told someone as recent as a few weeks ago that he felt like he had five more years left.

It’s said that Edge has some writing projects that he will be working on and that he knows what he wants to do with his life and those plans don’t have much to do with wrestling. The feeling is that Edge will always stay affiliated with WWE but won’t be someone you see working full time behind-the-scenes as an agent or something.

Regarding Edge and the World Heavyweight Title, there was some confusion at RAW last night as to why WWE didn’t put Alberto Del Rio over at WrestleMania 27 if they knew there was even a small chance that Edge would be leaving soon.

While WWE’s announcement notes that Edge got his MRI results the Monday after WrestleMania, sources indicate that he’s been feeling more intense pain for a few weeks now but didn’t think he would be forced to retire. Had they known Edge would have to retire, more emphasis would have been put on the WrestleMania match to make it feel more special.

Sources: PWInsider,

  • I don want edge retire… so upset.. 🙁

  • M.C.

    @grizz. Good riddance? What don’t u like about edge?

  • Dani

    For everybody saying edge should have dropped the title and for those who say that he knew of his injury and pending retirement. If Edge wanted to go out on top as the champion, has he not earned that right? I’m sure Alberto Del Rio has worked to get where he is, but Edge carried smackdown pretty much the whole time since they did the roster split. So untill Del Rio can put a brand on his back and carry it, shut up. Comparing Del Rio’s acomplishments and history to Edge’s is simply closed minded and ignorant. Edge will be greatly missed.

  • Wowzer

    INTERWEBS FIGHT!!! lol 😀

  • grizz

    As far as Edge retiring, Good Ridance! I never liked him. Alberto Del Rio should be champion.

  • Titan

    Thanks Trent, everybody takes everything so personal these days. Get a life u guys don’t take a wrest….emmm make that a entertainment comment that seriously u guys r fuck up.

  • Edge will be mist bye his Australian fans i know i wi ll miss him in the WWE. My 11 year old daughter will miss him she’s been a fa n of his since she was 4 years old.

  • hangman

    @titan I can’t stand Cena, but would hate see anyone hurt, or retired early. @trent damn straight we wish ill will on Osama Bin Laden, he deserves anything he gets.

  • Gary

    Did Trent just compare cena to bin laden!!!!! Ones a sh i t wrestler, one is responsible for thousands of deaths!!!!!!! Your a complete d i ck. I hope u can’t have children cus they wud prob b retarded

  • vide

    seriously what kind of person wishes life threatening injury on another human being…in case some of you didnt know..cena is one of the reasons that wwe is still alive. hell i can go ahead and say he is one of the reasons that pro-wrestling is still alive because if not for wwe, other wrestling companies would die off. I hate the cena character but i will never say he cant wrestle. The guy is a damn good wrestler and it has been proven because other wrestling legends approve of him. So i’ll rather listen to legends than some kids who claim to know wrestling from behind the computer

  • Trent

    And Tom, You bitch at Titan for wishing harm on John Cena yet you say wish harm on Bin Laden. Yeah, that makes a whole lotta sense.

  • Trent

    I think Titan is kidding. Dont get so serious on blogs. Goddamn.

  • Andrew

    I had a feeling this was going to happen sooner than later. At the last house show in Toronto, Edge made a speech about his career winding down and he didnt know how many more times he was going to be able to wrestle in front of his home crowd. Whatever he does decide to do now, good luck to you Edge.

  • Bill

    @RUSTY, I think that Christian should win the title on his own(maybe use the spear). As much as I like Edge, I think that his interference would spoil the much. Speaking of spoiling matches, at first, I thought Edge’s WHC match was bad, since Christian didn’t turn heel, but realizing that was Edge’s last match, it was good. The heel turn would’ve been terrible for Edge’s legacy.

  • Tom

    @Titan….I am 22 years old. I will admit Cena makes me cringe at times but I am a fan of his. You are wrong and yes your opinion is wrong of wishing harm on him just because you do not like is ring work. That is selfish and just plain sickening. Realize these are human beings please if you want to wish harm on someone wish it on Bin Laden.

  • Oldhead

    If you seen Smackdown on Friday at the end of Del Rio’s match Edge speared khali and just sat there for a moment stunned! So I guess that was the reality check.

  • Karl

    Thank God that Edge didn’t get the word that he’d have to retire until after WM. Some idiot in the back (Vince) would have probably used it as an opportunity to push Del Rio by having him win and declare him the man who ended Edge’s career. I wouldn’t be surprised if they still tried to push the latter bit, though; having Cole invoke Lawler’s late mother shows that they really have no shame.

  • Titan

    Degenerate Titan from now on lol.

  • Azn

    @Jacob. I’m with you brother. Taker is the only reason why I would tune into the WWE from here on.

  • Big T

    @Titan you are a sick and degenerate fuck!

  • Jacob

    Its offical, Taker is the only hero in WWE I have left 🙁

  • keith learmonth

    I thought the issue was that he was losing feeling, not that he was in pain.

  • Titan

    Lol sorry kiddies didn’t know you skipped school today. If you don’t like thmy opinion don’t read it.

  • @Titan If you actually want a wrestler to get hurt, then you are not a wrestling fan.

  • Stevie

    Why the hell didn’t he drop the title at WM? This would have made much more sense. Could have worked out a great story line but I guess not.

  • WB

    I’m an idiot. That’s something there.. because you’re taking for evidence.. HIS speech. Like a wrestler wouldn’t LIE or deceive someone. Hmmm, he does have a track history with that sort of thing though, doesn’t he? So maybe you’re the idiot, since you just go and believe anything anyone says on a wrestling show.

  • Legend Killer

    It shouldn’t have been the first match at WM anyway, that was a joke.

  • Destiny

    WB, you’re an idiot. Edge enjoyed wrestling, and obviously you didn’t listen to his speech. He went for strength tests before WM and they sent him for tests after, so ya they knew. Try listening next time before you speak.

    Titan: Wow, to wish that kind of injury on somebody just because you don’t like their job, is sickening. I don’t like The Miz’s character, but I wouldn’t wish an injury like that on him. You seem to be one of those people that can’t separate the character from the person.

    As for Edge, as much as I’ll miss him, he’s given his life to this, and he definitely deserves a break from that world. We’ll never forget one single moment that he gave us, and he definitely did go out on top.:)

  • Wrex

    Can’t believe they screwed over ADR for a broken down shell like Edge who’s retired now, LOL. Terrible.

  • Michael

    I don’t care for Cena like a lot of other people, but wishing him harm or anybody else for that matter is quiet sick, to be honest.

    As for Edge, I’ve been watching wrestling since 1995, and he is one of those guys that grew on everybody. As a heel he was great, and as his career moved on you could see his progression. The past 5 years he has certainly been one of the top names in the WWE, and I just have to say it was a great ride watching him perform. Truly a class act, and to have him win Wrestlemania, (whether they knew about the injury or not) is one of the best ways to go out, as being World Heavyweight Champion. I think I can speak for everybody, Edge will be missed.

  • WB

    I think Edge knew his time had come & kept his mouth shut just so he could selfishly go out as champ with one more win at Mania. Now he gets to retire w/ the belt and everyone else is going to pretty much be Tommy Gunn from Rocky V.. a paper champ.

  • I can see tonights tapings going like this

    Edge will end the show with his speech and that, ADR will come out saying that there is no stopping his destiny now untill Edge says that christian will take his place, or they will do a battle royal to see who will take his place, but with the way ADR will go i can say Edge maybe giving us one more spear to him, it is a sad day to see him retire, i was shocked, and upset that he has had to quit, but it was the best thing to do to save him ending up disabled

    EDGE HEAD 4 LIFE !!!!

  • F BOMB

    @ Titan u are a sick sick person what kind of person wishes a career-ending injury on another?

  • michael

    @tom finally someone else who has enough respect and compassion as a person to stand up to these douchebags wishing harm on cena because he sucks in the not a cena fan but damn if you can wish harm on someone you are a low life ya know…anyways mad respect to you sir

  • The Great One

    Glad he went out on top but it is rubbish that his last match will be a curtain jerker

  • Tom

    @Titan…..Are you kidding me, I mean really? You wanna wish harm on another human being just because you don’t like his in-ring work. Maybe we should all hope you break your neck and can’t live out your dreams. A**hole!!!!!!!!!

  • Evil Doink

    Probably better that it happened the way it did so Edge can go out on top.

  • David

    Next is Mysterio…

  • Titan

    Why that didn’t happened to cena?!

  • Hunter

    ”As an agent or something” – Great journalism.