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Update on Edge’s Retirement from Tonight’s RAW

– WWE sources indicate that the Edge retirement from tonight’s RAW is 100% legitimate and not part of a storyline.

The story that Edge told about tests coming back and showing issues with his neck are true. Edge was handed a mic at RAW tonight and told to go out and say bye however he wanted.

No word yet what will happen to the World Heavyweight Title.

Source: PWInsider

  • theviewtvshow

    you will be missed

  • Kawika

    have a true tournament like they had when macho man 1st won the title.

  • Satan

    Wow honestly i’m a huge Edge mark he’s one of the reasons why i still watch WWE him Punk,Taker this is so sad to hear seriously i wish this wasn’t true

  • @The Great One


    yeah we may never see the fued of Edge Vs Christian, but that dont matter, you dont always have to see friend vs friend because it gets repetative

    hoepfully on Smackdown they will give us a 5 second pose with Edge and Christian to benifit all of thoes with flash photography !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hunter

    Yeah- Vince messed up by making sure Edge stays as healthy as possible.

    Get a grip.

  • The Great One

    well done vince for well and truely fucking up the one thing everyone wanted to see. edge vs christian, now we will never see it, thank you very much vince

  • damkat

    I will truly miss Edge, one of the greatest performers in the WWE. i am glad to see he is going out on his own two feet and not a wheelchair. I would love to see him be the Raw GM however i do not see it story wise. I do agree with the above comments, give Christian a chance with the WHC and I think he will have an amazing run!

  • Aaron

    Christian vs. Del Rio at the ppv. For once, can Vince not be so blind and see Christian has every bit of talent that Edge has ever had?

  • Vic

    Here’s an idea on what to do with the WHC… Put it on Christian.

  • Truthiness

    Edge on commentary or somehow stealing the GM job on RAW would be awesome.

  • Howe

    Guess I was wrong. He should at least hang around in another capacity.