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Update on Evan Bourne’s Future with WWE, Possible WrestleMania 28 Roles

– There is a lot of talk within WWE that Evan Bourne may return to feud with Jack Swagger for the United States Title once WrestleMania 28 is over. Bourne is also under consideration for one of the spots on Team Long for the big multi-man match at WrestleMania.

However, officials are considering leaving Bourne off WrestleMania altogether as a form of punishment for his repeated Wellness failures over the past few months.

When pushing Bourne is brought up, the argument is there that he could be fired from the company if he fails another test. WWE official are always hesitant to push talents who have failed more than one test.

Source: PWInsider

  • KpNuttzLol

    Bourne needs to be careful. He could end up like Jeff Hardy ;holding world championships or like Carlito; getting released not long after his 2nd strike.

    He shouldn’t get a Wrestlemania spot though. Ziggler and Miz are far more deserving (no doubt they will compete on the card) and haven’t been suspended twice. After 2 strikes in a short space of time, my faith in Bourne has really gone; he no longer strikes me as a deserving candidate because he just wastes opportunities by getting suspended.

  • HHH=Goat

    Dont need to worry about Bourne, WWE will know they fucked up when they give him the strap and he fails a third and final wellness policy test..Bet your wife and kids on it folks.

  • b c Mitchell

    Yeah first violation was synthetic weed, a drug. Second violation for another drug. Both violations drug related doesn’t matter that it was 2 different drugs. Its not like you get 3 strikes per drug type. And on a side note F Bourne. He’s a dime a dozen wrestler with no distinguishing characteristics at all. He’s the perfect generic cruiserweight.

  • Mabry

    so this means WWE actually likes Bourne???…. i thought he wasnt of the likes of creative…. hes gotta take the opportunities hes being given, id give my nuts for the chances Bourne has gotten….

  • Ryan

    @ant his second violation was actually worse than fake cannabis, wwe dont just suspend people like you see on tv, the rumours going round are that it was a powered substance of some sort

  • Hunter

    So Bourne might get a feud, or he might be left off TV.

    Cue two months later, “as we mentioned before…”. Covering all bases. Poor journalism.

  • ant

    no his first offense was for the fake canibus but they said his second violation was for something different than the first violation but they wouldnt give details

  • b c Mitchell

    It was his second violation of the wellness policy aka drug testing policy. What did you think it was for? His complete lack of charisma?

  • Antoine

    @venom ziggler and swagger will be on team laurinitis dude and why should bourne be kept off the card when his second violation had nothing whatsoever to do with drugs

  • Bill

    With that being said about WWE’s drug policy, no wonder Jeff Hardy kept winning & losing the world title back in 2009.

  • Splash

    So the article is BS or Santino is somehow dropping the title over the next two weeks?

  • l

    did i miss something???i thought santino was the us champ??