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Update on “Fear My Name”, WWE Considering After-Shows, Wrestling Hall of Fame

– The Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame in Amsterdam, New York will induct their 2012 class on May 18th and 19th of next year. Jimmy Snuka and The Junkyard Dog will be inducted in the post-1984 category, Domenic DeNucci and Fritz Von Erich will be inducted in the 1950-1984 category, Wendi Richter will be inducted in the women’s category, The Wild Samoans will be inducted in the tag team category, Jim Cornette will be inducted as a non-wrestler and George Gordienko will be inducted as an international star while Maurice Tillet and Abe Coleman will be inducted in the pre-1950 category.

– WWE officials have discussed after-shows to air following RAW and SmackDown on the new Network. As noted before, a RAW pre-show is also in the works.

– As noted earlier this week, WWE has registered the trademark “Fear My Name.” Several readers sent word that Ambrose used the line “fear my name” during his heel promos he did before the WWE dark matches he worked last week.

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  • JIR

    Good question Jo probably simulcast and if they are doing pre-shows a bad idea a post show with a 4 man desk JR, Joey Styles, Trish, and JBL would be worth the time

  • jo

    so will Raw be taken off USA network and only on the network or will it air on both chans for the ppl that dont have the net work?

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  • daniel

    after show for Raw and Smackdown and a pre-show for Raw why not just pay the Score so WWE can use “Aftermath” and “Countdown to Raw”

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