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Update on Flair, WWE, TNA & the Hall of Fame, Trish Stratus Partners with DDP

– Below is part 2 of Arda Ocal’s new interview with Trish Stratus. The former Women’s Champion talks about partnering with Diamond Dallas Page’s DDP Yoga and more.

– Regarding Ric Flair attending the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in Miami, it’s said that the situation with TNA is still up in the air. Flair has indicated that he will be there but as of now, TNA has not officially given him clearance to attend. No word yet on where things stand between TNA and WWE regarding Flair attending and appearing on camera.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Jason

    If not for Bischoff Russo would still be running the company. lol

  • Pig

    I understand @Jasons feelings and hopes for TNA. I watch TNA and WWE weekly. I was a big fan of WCW back from the GCW days. I still think in my opinion GCW/WCW was the best show consistently on TV.

    TNA is not quite there as far as being right. They need to take a step back and evaluate what it takes to go from an upstart to a star. From the time TNA hit tv back in the Direct TV days, they tried to act just like a major player. Plain and simple they aren’t.

    A big step for them would be to boost production values. WCW brought out the best camera shots that WWE had to catch up to. TNA’s camera operators shoot like high school video class students. Sorry Jason but thats my opinion.

    Next TNA must start evaluating their talent, putting them into perspective and promoting them for what they are. They need to consistently bring in fresh faces. ( NOT established entertainers ). There are enough people standing in the soup line to keep fresh meat in the ring. Use them to build a character in their Stars. You cant keep pitting and rotating star against star for common TV matches. YOu need intervention and build to the matches you put on PPV. Watching the same guys on Thursday night compete at “WrestleCade” on Sunday is stupid. Again go back to the GCW days and look at all the disposable meat they used in Tv matches. The stars beat the crap out of them and in turn got to get on the mic and build their mic skills.

    Go back in history and watch some of the old Four Horsemen matches. They didn’t wrestle Dusty and Nikita Koloff on Saturday Night, then show up on PPV Sunday night. The Horsemen killed off some nobodies to tune them up for Sunday. That was part of the build. It made the matches a whole lot more interesting.

    If Bischoff is involved in the story lines or the hiring of the writers……he needs to be released from that job. TNA has no patience in stories. WWE doesnt either to a whole lot, but they are already established…

    And believe me I WANT TNA TO SUCCEED!!

    I would also like to see ROH step it up mainstream. Locally they get some Sunday after midnight exposure. I would like to see them seal a CW deal for maybe early Saturday night.

  • Justin Sane

    Jason calm down… Do you need a hug?!

  • Jason

    As for ways TNA is better since Bischoff became the EP in march of 2011.

    1: Shows being produced for Impact tapings on the road

    2: Higher production values

    3: Better sponsors which means more money for the company

    4: Better writers hired under his call

    5: More house shows produced

    I could go on but I fear you will just say I am wrong even though I work there and see what goes on. I was there before Bischoff got there and I know TNA has grown to a whole other level.

  • Jason

    D2K JR said this when a fan asked him if he thought TNA would become big like WCW was in 1997. I don’t think he was talking about the death of wcw. lol

    Bischoff ran WCW from Jan 1994 to Jan 1999. In his 5 years as the boss of WCW he turned wcw around from losing 30 million a year to making 300 million a year in profits. Read Ted Turners or Bischoff’s book for more info on this, it is a great read.

    No you can’t, the only thing that is out that is legit is the TV ratings for Impact. Everything else is a guessing game by the dirt sheets. What part of a private company don’t you understand. Before 1999 WWE never released there information because they were a private company much like TNA is now. In fact WCW was the only wrestling company before 1999 that had there information released to the public because once again WCW was a public company much like WWE is today.

  • D2K

    @Jason: Why not trying asking me in an educated way rather than in a ‘mark’ way.

    If JR said that TNA is going to be the next WCW, I think you saw what you wanted to see in that comment. Without full context of the conversation there is no way to determine what he meant(not that it matters anyway because it’s just his opinion.) He could easily have been referring to the fact that TNA is on it’s way UNDER just like WCW. By the way, who was in charge of running WCW for the most part? Oh yeah. Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan. What a coin-ke-dink.

    You can look up the numbers for merchandise sales, attendance at shows and PPVS, and PPV buyrates yourself to see how things had declined since the arrival of Bischoff and Hogan. Since it’s obvious you are a TNA mark, you know the state TNA was in before Hogan and Bischoff got there and what state it is in now. How has TNA gotten better since the arrival of Hogan and Bischoff?

  • Chris

    That type of shit is most likly what he will say. lol

  • Chris

    I find this site to be very entertaining. I also think most of you are cool guys and gals and just like wrestling for the wrestling and not the brand which is why I try and give out real information on a product that some of you might be fans of.

  • JOE

    @Jason no offense, but what is your general purpose for coming on here??

  • Jason

    D2K first off you have a point regarding your first point. As for your second and third point, you are dead wrong.

    TNA is a threat to WWE and if you don’t think so listen to what good old JR said in one of his post about TNA being the next WCW. As for Bischoff being a bad thing for TNA. Why do you think that? I want an educated answer and not a mark answer.

  • D2K

    TNA doesn’t lose anything by letting Ric Flair attend. Especially if it is mutually-agreed. If Flair goes on his own against her wishes it looks bad, but if she let’s him attend without holding him to the “no-compete” clause then what difference does it make. To have a CONTRACT TNA personality on showcased on the biggest stage of them all would only give good publicity to TNA.

    People whom don’t know about TNA will know it if Flair shows up at the 28 HOF ceremony and that will get them asking questions which could turn into new viewership for TNA which is what they need. This could be the shot-in-the-arm that TNA needs so desperately right now.

    The one question I have is that all WWE HOF Inductees are usually brought out at Wrestlemania again. Having Flair at Wrestlemania would be even more expose. Dixie carter would be crazy not to let this happen. She’s already screwed things up enough by letting Hogan and Bischoff come in there. I say use every advantage you can. TNA is not in WWE’s league so all the ‘unwritten rules of engagement’ between federations really don’t apply here because TNA is not even close to being a threat to WWE.

  • Gorilla

    Does it really matter

  • Nicholas

    For once I agree about TNA not letting Ric Flair be at the WWE Hall of Fame because of it just looks bad for Tna to let WWE get away with letting there own guy even if its Ric Flair who is under there contract. If Tna let Flair go to the Wwe Hall of Fame and not do nothing it show Tna true colors and it just mean Dixie is letting all there old wrestler walk all over her.

  • Logan

    *let Flair attend

  • Logan

    They should just like Flair attend. It shouldn’t matter because he’s attending an event hosted by WWE, it just should just be about the history and the people who sacrificed their lives for the business.

  • D2K

    @Shawn: I doubt that as well. The reason Flair still wrestles is because he badly needs the money. In addition to his ex-wife’s he owes money to just about everyone because he has borrows so much in eh past to help pay his alimony debts. If TNA was paying him small cash he would have come back to WWE by now or possibly never left in the first place.

  • Jason

    Thank you Knightcon, I swear trying to get some of these people to understand how the law works is freaking hard as hell. lol

  • Knightcon

    WWE lets wrestlers (sorry Vince! Superstars) work in the indys. Priimo the king Booker t regal and others have worked indys. Jason is right if flair was on TV he could be sued as could the WWE. He can appear off camera. As for the promo that was legal cuz the WWE owns the footage and the right to use flairs name and likeness. Just like DVDs

  • Jason

    WWE is not the only company that signs people to exclusive contracts, TNA has been doing that for years. TNA is just nicer when it comes to letting there talent work other dates for other non TV wrestling promotions. WWE can do the same because when I worked for PWA as Booker T’s booker I booked alot of WWE talent such as MVP and Finlay and others that were under an exclusive contract with WWE. It’s up to the company to let the talent work else were and most times it’s not that big of a deal unless it will air on TV for another wrestling promotion.

    Go back to college and learn more and maybe one day you will get a job with TNA or WWE.

  • @Jason that has bs written all over it, if Flair does show his face(which he will) so what and legal trouble like the WWE is scared they will just settle out of court and give tna a couple millions so they can shut up, and tna won’t have a problem accepting the millions because everbody has a PRICE!

  • ShockmasterIs#1

    Don’t you work TNA because if your one of TNA’s lawyers I’m in college and I could use some cash.

  • Jeff


    If he gets less money during a year, the money he has to pay to his ex wives will be reduced. That’s how the system works.

  • ShockmasterIs#1

    TNA is an independent promotion with a tv contract. Aj Styles competed in ROH a few years back WWE is the only company that signs people to exclusive contracts because they’re the only one’s with that kind of money. Hell Mr. Anderson competed in independents when TNA wasn’t using him. I’m not a lawyer but I know that if Flair wants to go he will because he wouldn’t put an exclusive clause in his contract and TNA would let him anyway because he’s Ric Flair.

  • Jason

    TNA never promoted ECW by saying ECW, they even changed the name for the event. The fans chanted ECW

    TNA did not pay the highlanders to show up at an impact taping, they just showed up. Niether did TNA hype up that a WWE star was coming to TNA while that star was under a contract by WWE.

    That TNA showing up and filming WWE stunt happened in 2005 and TNA got sued for pulling that stunt.

    What WWE titles besides the old ECW title that Tommy Dreamer owns not WWE because he bought it back in 2000 from Paul Heyman?

    You kid need to learn how the law works before talking

  • batezy

    this dont make sence, tna allowed mick foley to appear on the rocks birthday show, even tho he didnt, but wont let flair attend the hof #fucktna

  • ChrisDV

    You mean like when TNA showed one of the Highlanders in the crowd at the Impact Zone & explicitly noted it was a WWE superstar? Or when TNA took it’s cameras to a WWE shoot for a Royal Rumble TV spot & tried to get footage to show on Impact? Or when TNA used WWE titles in an angle?

  • Jason

    I love how some of you wwe marks have this idea that WWE can break the law when they want to just because they are WWE. Sorry the law does not work that way and if Flair shows his face on WWE programing without getting the okay then WWE and Flair will be in huge shit legal wise. A huge lawsuit in the making and to be honest WWE should have never hyped up Flair with out getting the legal okay first.

    Now blast me with the thumbs down marks just because I spoke the truth about how the law works. lol

  • Sammo

    I doubt it, dude – TNA gives it bigger stars ridiculously fat contracts… And Flair needs a regular pay-cheque so he can keep paying off his ex-wives!

  • Shawn

    Flair will appear if Flair wants to appear. He’s bigger than TNA. They cannot stop him. Whatever WWE is paying him to appear at the HoF is most likely more than he’s made his entire time with TNA. I don’t think he’s concerned.