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Update on the Future of Nexus After CM Punk’s Departure, Alberto Del Rio’s Brother

– Alberto Del Rio’s 23 year old brother Memo Rodriguez is now living in South Florida and has began training with former ECW wrestler Pablo Marquez.

– An idea was brought up by WWE creative recently to put Zack Ryder in a new group with WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty, who may be without a stable if or when Nexus dies after CM Punk’s departure.

– Speaking of Nexus’ future, Mason Ryan will likely be repackaged. There has been talk of using him as a bodyguard for either The Miz or Alberto Del Rio.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • rick

    I agree, stables when used properly are great for the business.
    But the last stable to achieve success was Evolution. Orton and Batista were allowed to grow as characters instead of just standing in the background like everyone in Nexus and Corre with the exception of Barret and Punk.

    I guess my point is that these days creative are just throwing people together and not allowing wrestlers to grow. Look at Legacy, Dibiase and Rhodes gained nothing from that.

    Right now I think Zack Ryder is better off on his own.

  • Justin


    stables are excellent. you just need to develop personalities in general. look at Raven’s Flock. There were some personalities and some people there for movesets and stable-like position players, like Reese as the big guy in it and Bill Kidman as the high-flyer.

    then there was the nWo, DX, the Corporation and we have personalities galore. stables are the key to wrestling, you just need to do them right with the right people.

  • rick

    Sounds good to me.
    These 3 in a group will just die a quick death much like the Corre and new Nexus.
    Here’s an idea, instead of throwing people in stables, try and develop individual characters for these wrestlers and give them the chance to make some kind of impact on their own. Then maybe fans will start caring about them.
    Enough with stables already.

  • The X

    Ummm, BroPack? Bro World Order?

  • Philzibit

    Doesn’t matter; the WWE won’t utilize the amount of attention Ryder has found on youtube and the idea will fail.

    HOWEVER! Since Superstars is on only, they Should make the Internet Championship a recognized title in the WWE, similar to that of a TV title. Just defend it on matches shown exclusively on…it could work.

  • Bill

    Ryder with Otunga & McGuillicutty? What will they call it? The WWWYKI Connection?

  • rko

    Instead of killing Nexus they should push it as a stable like the 4 horsemen back in the day.

  • John Cheesa

    I don’t know how many times I need to say it, but Mason Ryan is terrible, and I don’t want him on my TV screen, period. He’s a waste of airspace–airspace that could be used to promote interesting talent like Zack Ryder or Cody Rhodes.

  • adam tarasievich

    IF ryder is in the group they should bring in hawkins to give him some air time. I would say of the big guys i would rather have skip up then husky harris. Just because i thought skip was more entertaining. Also if they want a muscle guy he is more belivable as that then husky would be. Also husky isnt as green as otunga and he is on raw almost every week.

  • Jon

    Maybe just a idea but maybe have Kevin Nash come back as a manager and then the remaining members of Nexus rips there shirt and become the new nWo.

    It sound stupid but maybe they can make a storyline that there sick and tired on what WWE has become and taking revenge for there leader departure from the WWE that they become the revoluate group nWo.

  • A.J


    Well, They might make it like the ‘EdgeHeads’ Back in 2008.

  • Reservoir Dog

    They should be make a new stable with Ryder, Hawkings and Barreta with their role being kinda ‘we’re done waiting for our spot, we’re just gonna take it’. Not matter if they’re face or heel.

  • Chryogenos

    Barrett needs to have the leadership of Nexus, the stable was awesome in mid-2010, why not bring it back?

  • really!

    ryder being as popular as he is would mean a face turn for nexus, it’s a bad idea I think everyone involved with nexus is getting repackaged or should be.

  • LlittleJimmy

    Zack Ryder with those two fools!? Are you serious bro?!


  • Hunter

    Ryder with the new Nexus? That idea stinks.

  • The Killswitch

    Let Nexus die already. For fuck’s sake.

  • al

    thats a stupid idea for Ryder. but at least he might be on raw. unless all 3 of them are on superstars

  • shawn

    mason repackaged. tooons of respect for him there.

  • Sammo

    @Generic Troll… Husky Harris might not have been the most formidable wrestler ever – but he showed waaaaay more potential than Skip Sheffield or Darren Young ever have.

    Seriously, there’s just no comparison there at all.

  • Jay EZ

    Bodyguard for Del Rio. It worked with the NXT big guy, which I forgot his name. The Miz doesn’t need another tag along. That will get old. If Ryder joins the tag champs, they should keep the name Nexus. No point in renaming a group that doesn’t need renamed.

    Also why is it a bad thing for Otunga & MM to just be a tag team called The Nexus. The Nexus can just be a tag team now. Tag titles are the only titles The Nexus has ever held anyway. And I don’t get why Slater & Justin G. can’t still call themselves The Corre, instead of just only their names.

  • Generic Troll

    @CC Harris? Trollolololol!! Why not someone thats not green as grass like Skip Shefield, Darren Young or a vanilla nexus member from when the group was actually at its strongest?

  • CC

    I dont see why Nexus has to be disbanded just because Punk has gone.
    It wouldnt be the first time two people have continued to use a faction name for their tag team. Also, depending on his injury, Ryan still makes it a three man team, finally allowing Otunga to take the leadership role he was always trying to wrestle from Barrett.
    They could bring back Harris as well.

  • Me

    Man I thought Ryder was going to be a face (sigh), at least he’s going to be on tv. WWWYKI!!!!!!!!

  • venom

    Ryan is going to be a body guard just like with Batista was with HHH. Miz or Del Rio will put over Ryan in the future to make him a star.

  • Sammo

    Mason Ryan needs to be in a bodyguard role… Or any role that keeps his in-ring work to a minimum.