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Update on Future Plans for CM Punk, WWE 2K14 Videos & Ratings for Mr. McMahon and R-Truth

– WWE Games has released new 2K14 videos for Vince McMahon and R-Truth. In the game, Mr. McMahon has a rating of 81 while Truth has a rating of 87. Here are their videos:

– CM Punk is still scheduled to be a part of the WWE Title picture following the current feud with Paul Heyman and Ryback.

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  • ddfindl

    He’s “the” guy BECAUSE they put so much emphasis on him though, which includes the WWE title. Like I said, ween people off of him, not cold turkey.

  • millerj265

    Id love that’s except the wwe isn’t ready to move on from him so if he did that then even though he wasn’t in a title match he would still be the main event and devalue the wwe title even more then it already is, so until he isn’t “the” guy he might as well be the champ or in a title match so we don’t have another punk is the champ but he nvr main events a ppv unless its against cena scenario.

  • ddfindl

    Cena is bigger than the title and him being in the title picture is getting really old. I honestly wouldn’t doubt that Cena eventually runs himself ragged and gets riddled with injuries, causing him to wrestle part-time or be finished all together in the next four or five years. The fans need to be slowly tapered and weened off of his character.

    Put him in the match with ‘Taker at WM30, let Taker win and retire, and then have Cena wrestle high-profile matches every couple of months WITHOUT the title on the line.

  • millerj265

    Nah unless Cena is involved in the McMahon storyline, or facing the undertaker there’s no way he isn’t walking into mania either the champ or the #1 contender for it. All the proof any fan needs is in his past mania matches. He has been in a championship match at every single WrestleMania he has been involved in other then his first match with the rock, that’s 9 out of his 10 appearances.

  • Man

    Punk should try to challenge Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship. If Punk wins the title from Del Rio, then Del Rio should challenge for the Intercontinental or United States championship. That could breathe new life into either of the titles.

  • Skip Becker

    I would like to see Punk v. Bryan as a face v face match. I don’t think you have to turn either of them to sell the match at any PPV.

  • ddfindl

    They talked about him winning the Rumble, so I think we’re going to see Punk vs. Bryan at WM30