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Update on Future Plans for The Rock, News on the WWE Releases, Roddy Piper

– WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper will tape his first episode as host of World of Hurt in Calgary on August 18th. This is the same wrestling reality show that Lance Storm was involved with for their first season. Piper is replacing Storm as the host of the second season. World of Hurt currently only airs in Canada.

– Regarding the WWE releases from last week, all those cut will be paid by WWE up until early November and until then, will be under a non-compete clause. They will be allowed to make certain appearances but can’t work with TNA at least until then.

– Provided his movie commitments don’t get in the way, WWE is going with the idea that The Rock will make an appearance at next year’s big three shows – the Royal Rumble and SummerSlam pay-per-views, and of course WrestleMania 28 to wrestle John Cena. Rock is also scheduled for a Survivor Series appearance this year and officials are hoping they can squeeze more appearances out of him.


  • Buttercastle

    Haha, Hogan and Flair entertaining. Next you’ll be saying Matt Hardy is skinny and Jeff Hardy isn’t on crack.

  • Nicholas

    @Kitkrock Hogan, Ric Flair and Sting are not entertaining fans still. If they where how come WWE is still doing better rating and viewership’s wise. If you ask me Hogan, Flair and Sting are anything but entertaining. They are all 3 way over the hill and they are making TNA look old instead of new. If TNA were to get rid of Hogan, Flair and Sting I think TNA may still have a shot but they won’t which is why TNA sucks.

    I rather The Rock do well in Hollywood then go to any other wrestling company. If you ask me who is the real Sell Out look no further the Hogan and Ric Flair. I mean these two had there day and still they have to go to another company to try to but WWE out of business to me that is more of a sell out. At least the Rock would never do something like Hogan and Flair would do for there two egos.

  • K Roy

    obviously i meant sold OUT, not “sold old” as i wrote, haha

  • K Roy

    @kitkrock oh ya? so that means that undertaker or HHH sold old then right? they are gonna be on WWE tv as much as rock between wrestlemanias (well i guess not HHH now that they have found a non-wrestling role for him)…point being he has earned the right to not go through the grind day-to-day anymore.

    anyone that calls him a “sell out” for starters needs to look up what that word actually means, and second they would do EXACTLY the same thing if the chance arose. assuming you have a job @kitkrock, which is a BIG assumption, your telling me that you wouldnt take a position with another field if it paid more and was significantly better for your life long term physically??

    and dont tell me that the wwe fans “made” the rocks career as that is utter balony! if it was that easy then hogan, who was the biggest star of them all and crossed over even more than rocky did back in the 80’s, would have been a legit hollywood star and would have made $100 mill at the box office and starred in legit movies. wwe may have given rock his initial shot at being in movies, no different than for hogan, cena or to a much lesser extent hhh, orton, big show, etc, but rock himself made his career a success.

    he is back for the love of it, he is constantly working on promoting this fued with cena while still working on his other projects even if not on wwe tv all the time, and years ago when he said he was done with wrestling we would have jumped at the chance for him to be around this much no question about it!

    rant over

  • CenaSucks

    wait wait wait, Rock is going to be at summerslam next year? Thats months after Mania, so looks like he is sticking around, and if he is, then he will surely wrestle another match?

    I see cena beating rock at mania, rock beating cena at summerslam, then facing off again at the next mania where rock will beat him

  • venom

    I like how a lot of people said The Rock sold out. You people realize the Rock is wrestling Cena for the fans. He makes more money doing movies than wrestling, so he is not wrestling for the money at this point.

  • Im Latino Heat and Im Rated R

    uh the rock only wrestled for like 6-7 years, sure they were some good years but still…so yeah im kinda over him

  • Robinson

    OMG the rock sold out, he wreslted for years and held dam near every title and wrestled every match you can and without his help there would be no wwe omg what a douchebag omg he’s actually not being like hogan, flair and sting and being old as shit and barelly able to wrestle, whinny douche-bags. O yea and @KitKrock, are you ever actually on this website bc ive seen on this site multiple times and they have said that sting is hard to work with, bc of his ring abilities or lack there off. and i personally am glad rock and austin left bc its time for new wrestlers and new stars to be made. where you one of those douche bags that watched wcw which was the same boring shit every single week, thats why im not a john cena fan bc he cant not be champion. So get off the rocks nuts jesus christ he grew up and accomplished one dream and went after another, good for him!!! grow up and let it go.

  • wAnxTa

    @The real wrestling god
    Haha ! I like how you posted exactly what Rock said in his youtube video.

  • Tyson

    And its the same people who would complain bout rock hogging the spotlight if he did keep appearin every week

  • KitKrock

    Ric Flair, Hogan, Sting, etc etc has done it all too. More in fact, yet they’re still entertaining THE FANS! Rock sold out & turned his back on us.

    I bet Vince had to pay him a billion bucks just so he would wrestle at mania.

  • The real wrestling god

    Are you stupid? The Rocks already done it all. He’s not a wrestler anymore you get it? Damn be happy he’s doing the match with Cena at mania.

  • KitKrock

    rock sold out.
    if he truly meant saying I’LL NEVER EVER LEAVE,
    he should be on raw everyweek like austin did in ’03.