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Update on Gabriel Visiting a Sangoma, Piper Says He Never Needed a Title to Get Over

– WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper wrote the following on Twitter about never needing a title to get over:

“(1) Last time I was on Smackdown,WWE said Piper never was the WWE champ.I asked why do U keep playing that card. Cause thats all they have.”

“(2) Truth.Roddy Piper never need a belt to get over. It’s business.I have a They Live belt. Nobody has that! I was the 1st!The Rock’s great.”

– We noted yesterday that injured WWE Superstar Justin Gabriel saw a “sangoma” while in South Africa this past week. Gabriel noted that after seeing the practitioner of herbal medicine, he was pain free in his arm. Several fans familiar with “sangomas” were shocked to find out Gabriel visited one and some believed he had to be joking.

A fan wrote to Gabriel on Twitter, shocked to find out that the WWE Superstar had visited a controversial “sangoma.” Gabriel replied:

“gotta try it bro”

  • KpNuttzLol

    Piper’s right. He doesn’t need a championship to get over, he did that through his in ring ability, his skills on the mic and through Pipers Pit which pretty much has set the bar for in ring segments. It’s not often someone can actually do that sort of thing to get over.

  • scooter

    the problem with piper was timing at the time he was at his peak wwe insisted on having a babyface champion which made sense considering eastern confilicts etc. and by the time they were ready to have a heel champ he’d turned face and he was past his prime.

  • nick

    Push Tyson Kidd #GetHIMonRAW

  • Tom… Just Tom

    All Piper ever needed was a mic and an opponent to get over. But, as a fan of his, it would have been cool if he held a world title just once.

  • Dave

    If you visit some sort of Witch Doctor, you are just asking for a wellness fail. Silly move Justin.

  • ##

    Roddy is right! He never needed a title to get over. Piper was one of a kind.