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Update on Goldberg’s Ring Return, WWE Looks at RAW ‘Dream Matches’ and More

– David Hart Smith teamed with Bobby Lashley at yesterday’s IGF wrestling show in Japan, losing to the team of Kendo Kashin and Kazuyuki Fujita. Also on the show, Vladimir Kozlov lost to Eric Hammer in under 3 minutes. Kozlov was using the name Alexander Kozlov.

– WWE’s website has a new article up on RAW SuperShow “matches we want to see.” They list Kevin Nash vs. Sheamus, Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk and Evan Bourne vs. Justin Gabriel.

– The UAPWM (USA To Africa Pro Wrestling Mission) promotion will debut this October with a tour to the Congo, culminating with “Rumble in the Jungle II” on October 12th in Kinshasa, Congo. Shows are planned right now for Katanga, Mbujimayk, Goma, Bukavu, Lubumbashi and finally Kinshasa.

Three of the shows will be at outdoor soccer stadiums and the big show at Martyrs Stadium will see Bill Goldberg come out of retirement. Also at that show, George Foreman, Laila Ali and Jean Claude Van Damme will be appearing. Contracts have reportedly been sent to several top wrestling stars but no word yet on who will be wrestling besides Goldberg, if Goldberg and UAPWM can agree on a deal.

The plan is to release a pay-per-view and DVD of the show, as well as a feature film, according to the UAPWM press release.

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  • venom


    When did I say I hope somebody dies? I said I hope Orton and Cena fall off of the titantron to get written off tv for a year. You know wrestling is not real. Right?

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    If you are referring to his recent interview, you have selective hearing… He never said he would go to WWE so his son could watch, he said he would only wrestle if it was for something bigger which usually means charity when people use that term. You seem to be good at hoping people die, fall off trons or hating in general though, I’m sure there is another post like that for sick people like you.

  • Liam Catterson

    What about Swagger vs Bryan in submission match?

    Mason Ryan vs a returning Batista

  • steven

    Nash vs Triple H one more time!
    CM Punk vs Y2J(winner gets the title of Best in the World)
    The Rock vs HBK

  • Bill

    I’d love to see Dan(can’t type out his full name, remember?) Bryan vs. CM Punk, but I’d rather see Kevin Nash vs. Wade Barrett. Remember when Nash bashed Wade in a YT video?

  • venom

    Goldberg probably can’t do his kicks and punches during his entrance anymore. What ever happened when Goldberg said he wanted to come back to WWE so his son can watch him wrestle? Obviously this prick was more concerned with money than having his son watch him wrestle.