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Update on Hardy Main Eventing TNA BFG, Attendance, Impact

– Tonight’s TNA Impact Wrestling will feature the return of Fight Night with James Storm vs. Bobby Roode being teased. Tonight’s show will also feature a Gut check segment and Hulk Hogan’s response to threats from Aces & 8s.

– The TNA live event on September 15th in Bethlehem, PA drew 750 fans. The venue was a casino so a lot of the tickets were comped. The live event on September 16th in Wilkes-Barre, PA drew 550 fans.

– We’ve noted how TNA is considering putting the World Heavyweight Title on Jeff Hardy because they want to keep him happy as his contract is expiring in a few months. Another reason for having him main event Bound For Glory is because the pay-per-view will be shown in movie theaters nationwide and the feeling is that more people may know Jeff Hardy’s name when they go to the theater.

There’s also a feeling that merchandise may go up, ticket sales may go up, ratings may go up and pay-per-view buys may go up with a babyface Jeff Hardy established as the main event face of the promotion.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


    my bad folks sometimes i type to fast all im saying is that they could had made it a triple threat match cuz bully ray desrves to b n the main event cuz hes come a long way and am i the only one who thinks that TNA is trying to turn jeff hardy into their verison of SUPERCENA

  • Honey Boo Boo

    So basically they have no faith in Austin Aries, and they don’t wanna even attempt to push someone new or semi-interesting. Makes sense. (TNA Logic)

  • newbie

    ^^^^^^huh? Is that the English language?


    lol sighs my GOD his aint gone end well fa A DUBBLE bt TNA is really kissing jeff ass i aint mad at em bt they could had made it a triple threat cuz #letsbereal BULLY RAY DESREVED to b n that main event after all the work he has done n #isitjustme or r they tryin to turn jeff into their verison of SUPERCENA cuz ya know TNA has a habit of rippin off the big E #imjustsayin