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Update on The Hardys Contract Situation with TNA, Will WWE Bring Them Back? Big Announcement to Come

According to a report from Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the WWE is very interested in bringing back former WWE Tag Team Champs Matt and Jeff Hardy after their TNA deals expire.

TNA has reportedly attempted to sign Matt and Jeff to exclusive deals, however, that would interfere with what they’re doing on the indie scene so they want a significant amount of money to leave that behind. Negotiations between The Hardys and TNA are said to be in the early stages as of now, and it is said that Matt is asking for more creative control in attempt to push the ‘bigger picture’ of his ‘Broken’ character.

Matt’s contract is said to expire on February 27th, while Jeff’s is also expected to be up sometime next month as well, but the exact date is not known. The brothers are expected to be a part of a “Fact of Life” segment with Eli Drake on tonight’s (Thursday, January 5, 2017) episode of Impact Wrestling to make a ‘big announcement’ as well.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more….

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    What was the “big announcement”? Didn’t see/hear anything from last night…

  • JAckh45

    Which is exactly why they shouldn’t come to WWE. They will almost die instantly. The reason why its going so well is because he literally has open range to do anything at all. Besides I honestly don’t think it would work on a bigger stage either.

  • CC

    Its probably the strongest position Matt has been in in years. Would love to see the current gimmick on a bigger stage but at the same time, they would have very little creative control in WWE and would probably end up in a similar position to The Dudleys, jobbing all the time with their old gimmick.

  • VRA

    “sing Matt and Jeff to exclusive deals” sounds legit.