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Update on Ideas for WWE NXT 5, Possible Plans for Cole’s Referee

– Two names being tossed around for the role of Michael Cole’s special referee in the WrestleMania 27 match against Jerry Lawler are Vickie Guerrero and believe it or not, Steve Austin. It could just be that Austin does an angle with Vickie on next week’s RAW or something as she is expected to be there.

– As noted before, there has been talk of doing NXT season 5 with WWE Legends as the Pros and their sons as the Rookies. Another idea talked about a week ago was doing mixed teams with guys and girls. WWE apparently is in Tampa this week filming for the new season.


  • I think NXT should be a mix of sons and daughters. Have one son and one daughter win NXT.

    @GM of RAW Unless all of those divas are like AJ and Naomi, then I definitely agree with you. Would be cool if Amazing Kong was part of NXT.

  • Zach


  • GM of RAW

    if they are going to do another Diva crap on NXT I am giving up on the show.

  • Asim

    It’s gonna be Alex Riley……CASE CLOSED!! WWE is so predictable.

  • CC

    I honestly cant see why Cole would pick anyone who is not a heel.
    JR has been very vocal on his BBQ site about how annoying he finds Cole’s non stop talking, and everyone knows how close he and Jerry are.
    If Cole brought him in, it just would not make sense no matter what storyline they go for.
    If he turned on Jerry prior to WM, everyone would just expect it to be a set up for JR to double cross Cole at WM.

  • Will Henderson

    @2ratedrko2: the reason that NXT isn’t gone yet is because of the international markets that still air NXT on TV. just because it’s online in the states doesn’t mean it’s not off the air in other countries. and if they do a season with both male and female, then i bet it will be dubbed the Second chance season with rookies from Season 2, 3 and 4 getting a second chance at becoming the next “breakout” star of the WWE.

    and to the Cole guest ref thing, i think it’s gonna be Vickie “Excuse Me” Guerrero.

  • Seth

    Write it down.. It’s gonna be Vickie

  • TomC

    I guess WWE wanted to paint Cole as the COMPLETE weasel – getting to have a trainer AND pick the guest referee (i.e. stack the deck). WHY couldn’t they have written it so Lawler would offer up a stipulation of his own? And what’s with the “Cole can smack Lawler, but Lawler can’t smack Cole back” crap?

    Why would Cole pick Steve Austin?? … UNLESS they wrote it so that Austin “plays” like he’s in favor of Cole, and then totally gives the finger to Cole at WM and, not only does Lawler beat the ever-livin’ crap out of Cole, but Austin stuns him repeatedly as well. Now THAT would be worth having to watch Cole constantly getting the upper hand against Lawler up to that point.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE not Vickie Guerrero !!!

  • GOKU

    WWE Needs NXT To Fulfill Commitments In Foreign Markets.

  • 2ratedrko2

    Why don’t they just have one rookie show? Tough Enough is fine, they need to drop NXT, it’s web based for a reason.

  • CC

    And they could extend it to Tito Colon if they want to go with seniot and junior relatives instead of limiting it to father and son.

  • Triple H

    Love the writing. it could be that austin does an angle with vickie on raw or something.

  • Mike Oxhard

    If they do father/son that’s only 4 guys that I can see on the FCW roster. Steamboat, Dibiase, Rotundo, and Brisco….