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Update on iMPACT Tapings Outside of Orlando, Homicide & Hernandez, More

– Dixie Carter reminded fans on Twitter to set their DVR’s to 11:10pm EST for the ending of tonight’s iMPACT on Spike.

– Hernandez will be reuniting with Homicide to take on the Kings of Wrestling at Ring of Honor’s March 19th show in New York City.

– Ric Flair’s legal issues with over the Flair shoot interview DVD were recently settled out of court.

– TNA’s iMPACT tapings on February 24th in Fayetteville, North Carolina was considered a huge success with 3,500 fans in attendance, 3,015 of those paying.

Even though the tapings were considered a success, the April 1st event in Pikeville, New York will not be an iMPACT taping, as previously speculated. For now, all iMPACT tapings are scheduled for Orlando. TNA is expected to do another iMPACT on the road later this year but nothing is booked yet.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • d

    ha ha wasn’t she getting alot of negative responses on twitter from fans when the spoiler came out what was gonna happen ? and she’s still hyping it to be the shocker of the year ? well maybe if you didn’t tape it 2 weeks in advance and people couldn’t look it up online it might of been a shock

  • Will Henderson

    i’m thinking the spillover segment is becoming a permanent fixture of Impact, i think the spillover began when Reaction started and the end of Impact became the start of Reaction.

  • Valo487

    I think they should fire the “creative minds” behind this crap, then hype that. I might actually tune in if Russo’s finally gone.

  • mytoastysausage

    ahhhhhhhh……my argument is invalid. thanks tool.

  • TomC

    Um, toasty … it says to set DVR’s for 11:10 – i.e. TEN MINUTES OVER … i.e. so everyone who records the show can watch the FULL PROGRAM.

    Not quite sure how you didn’t get that.

  • mytoastysausage

    So Dixie doesn’t want us to watch the FULL PROGRAM??? I hope she knows she fails at her job. Last week…..SHOCKER OF THE YEAR SHOCKER OF THE YEAR!!!… example.

    But then again, I can contradict myself and say that she is just generating interest, but she fails at that cuz shes done it so many times.

  • Eric Nixon

    The April 1 event is in Pikeville, KENTUCKY – not New York. You were close; they’re both in the same time zone.