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Update On James Storm’s Concussion, Samoa Joe Wrestles On Xplosion, Sarita

— James Storm says he has not been cleared to wrestle for another two weeks after visiting a specialist on Sunday to determine his recovery from a concussion.

“Thanks for all the wishes but wasn’t cleared to WRESTLE yet. Another check up in 2 weeks,” Storm wrote Monday.

— A match pitting Samoa Joe against Doug Williams was taped Monday in Orlando, Florida for next week’s episode of TNA Xplosion. It marks as Joe’s first appearance on the program since February 2006.

Devon vs. Rob Terry was taped Tuesday night.

— A bikini-clad Sarita is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Super Luchas.

  • MJ

    Man for the fans who love TNA they sure love talking about how much joe is a jobber. i mean wow! This guy use to be a killer! The fans loved him untill sting had to bury him during his first title reign and then BAM!

    He’s jobbing to Abyss who has been a jobber ever since he started talking!

  • lew

    hopefully cm punk uses some of the pull he has now to get joe in there

  • Shawn

    Can’t wait to see what WWE does with Samoa Joe. I bet he will just be a part of the Usos group, who will feud with Hunico, Primo and Epico and, then, eventually, they will all be Future Endeavored(c).

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    But what in the hell is a TNA?

  • venom

    Joe is on the NXT show of TNA. If he doesn’t go to WWE then he is a fool.