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Update on JBL at SmackDown, People Questioning Fan Incident, More

– Here is another local news video on the CM Punk fan incident:

– Davey Boy Smith Jr. (David Hart Smith) and Lance Archer won the IWGP Tag Team Titles from Hiroyoshi Tenzan and Satoshi Kojima in Tokyo, Japan on October 8th as New Japan Pro Wrestling held their first-ever internet pay-per-view. The rematch will take place on November 11th in Osaka.

– The reported reason JBL is working SmackDown this week in place of Michael Cole is because Cole is now doing Main Event on Wednesday nights. No word yet if they will keep the same announce teams next week.

– We noted before that when the CM Punk fan incident first happened at RAW, people in the company expected consequences. Now a lot of people are questioning why no disciplinary action has been taken, noting that in the past wrestlers have gotten in a lot of trouble for hitting fans. It’s unlikely that anything will happen to Punk right now because WWE can’t afford to have him off the road.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Joshy

    I will defs b watching smackdown this week

  • David

    Wow.. uhm.. Erik.. How about the people above Punk’s reign are as follows… Bob Backland,How in the hell did you forget Randy “Macho Man” Savage? Hulk Hogan, Diesel,Pedro Morelas, and also how are you forgettinng the longest title run ever? Bruno Sammartino had it for 2,803 Days (7 Years, 8 Months & 4 Days) I am a huge Phil Punk Brooks supporter always have been since between 2005-2006. Before he made the WWE. I was told to look him up, I did and I haven’t been disapointed since… unless I didn’t like the ending but I guess you can’t have it all. WWE still underuses him though. He should have longer more compettitive matches with Bryan, Ziggler (who needs to be used better) among others.

  • eric

    Also cm punk doing great job as champion if i may say so. the booking of cm punk has been very good. he has sucessful taking on all comers as wwe champion. last near 330 days. beating john cena many times, danie bryan, chris jericho, adr, john cena for 1trillion time. so he had not be paper champion by any means. The only 3 people i can say off top of my head. Who has held wwe title longer than cm punk has right now. Is hulk hogan held wwe title for 4 yrs from 1984-1988 2. john cena held wwe title from september 2006 beating edge unforgiven 2006. till october 2007 where he had to give wwe title up because of orton injuring him from rko through table on october3, 2007. 380 days 3. kevin nash as diesl beat mr backlund raw after survior series in 1994 to take on all comers from bret hart, hbk at wm11, psycho sid in your house, king mabel at summerslam, lose it at survior series 1995 after holding it for 358 days. so hulk hogan, john cena, diesel are only 3 guys i can name who have held wwe title longer than punk.

  • eric

    wwe trys same thing with cena. wwe trys it best to force cena down our throats. trys to get 100 percent of people in seats to cheer cena. which cena will never get 100 percent of crowds approval. as hulk hogan did b back in old wwf in 80’s and early 90’s hogan was orginal superhero for kids. cena noone wants to see him on tv. because his charcter is old and stale. people are sick of cena in every wwe title match. I am very interested in cm punk vs ryback wwe title match. it would be something new and fresh from wwe. putting someone in wwe title. who’s name is not john cena!

  • TwiztidRoman

    It does seem they are desperate to get heat on punk. And what’s funny is nothing is working. lol

  • Ryan

    imagine if he comes out wearing sunglasses on raw for more heat

  • Shawn

    What if this was all a work? Punk really did get major heat when he hit that sunglasses wearing douchebag.

  • KingAlbert

    Suck it Haters, Punk is UNTOUCHABLE, his fucking title reign will piss on any of Cena’s reigns.

  • Ryan

    it was the douche behind him in the white