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Update On Jeff Hardy Following Food Poisoning, Velvet Sky Not On DWTS, Chelsea

— Jeff Hardy was unable to work Tuesday’s Impact Wrestling taping in Orlando, Florida due to a bout with food poisoning. reports he is feeling well enough today to appear and work today’s show.

— Velvet Sky’s Twitter campaign to appear on the fourteenth season of Dancing with the Stars failed as she was not among the celebrities announced on Tuesday by ABC.

— A match pitting Velvet Sky against former “Beautiful People” mate Angelina Love was taped Tuesday night in Orlando, Florida for an upcoming episode of TNA Xplosion.

— Chelsea has been announced to appear at The Big Event 2 taking place March 10, 2012 at LaGuardia Courtyard Marriott 9010 Ditmars Blvd East Elmhurst, New York.

  • Jeff

    Sexism isn’t gonna prove anything.

  • kluh em pu

    It’s dancing with the stars nit dancing with the whores. That’s why velvet sky ain’t there

  • Jeff

    the dude

    yes she is.

  • Buttercastle

    Oops, I’d probably not is probably. Stupid iPhone keyboard.

  • Buttercastle

    ^ you realize an even smaller number of wrestling fans even watch that show than even voted for her right? I don’t think you could be classifiied as a “star” if less than a percent of people vote for you, in terms of being on a show which deals with “stars”.

    On the other hand is probably start watching TNA if she wore even less, she has quite the stunning caboose.

  • lol

    I like how these celeb scrubs made it and Velvet didn’t. She only got like 0.91 % of the votes lol kind of like IMPACT’s latest ratings. I hate to keep saying it but they needed to show more skin on Velvet if they want any kind of decent ratings. I love wrestling but I also love the eye candy throughout the show. Most other men would agree. Bring back the lingerie pillow fights and bikini matches! We can still have great wrestling just give us our 10 minutes of half-naked knockouts!!!!

  • whocares

    Also, I don’t think ABC would want to say TNA for he entire first episode before she got eliminated

  • MJ

    Its more like Dancing with the hasbeens! Velvet sky is to relevant to be on that show

  • ##

    Yeah when Rob Kardashian was featured as a “star” on the show it just became a dancing show.

  • Jeff

    @ The dude Have you seen that show lately? No one is actually a celebrity on it lol

  • No one is sexier then Chelsea !

  • Not suprised velvet sky isn’t quite what you would call a “celebrity”