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Update on Jeff Jarrett Making a Big Announcement, Is Styles Still Talking with TNA?, Impact Video

– Below is the opening video for this Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling:

– Regarding Jeff Jarrett’s big announcement, word is that he may still be waiting on a few things to be finalized before he can announce it. Former TNA wrestler Homicide wrote on Facebook that he knew about Jarrett and Toby Keith doing something together weeks ago.

– More than one source has confirmed that AJ Styles is still negotiating with TNA.


  • ChrisDV

    It was taped last month, before his contract extension ran out.

  • jgdjgdklj

    Still negotiating? ..Um, he’s back on TV isn’t he? Looks like a done deal to me lol I don’t watch TNA, but from the news articles I’ve read it sounds like they’re just blatantly copying the big Punk angle from 2011. Whoever would think that AJ leaving TNA for the Indies wasn’t a work is a complete idiot.