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– As noted before, John Cena wrote on Twitter that he will not be at WWE’s TLC pay-per-view and will be watching it like a fan.

Cena added today that he will be at the RAW live event in Long Island tonight and RAW on Monday night but not the TLC pay-per-view on Sunday. Cena says he will be in Philadelphia but won’t appear on the pay-per-view.

“I will be in philly but I gave my ppv chance to someone who deserves it. I would do it again if I had the chance”

When a fan told Cena he wasn’t fooling anyone and that he would appear on the pay-per-view anyway, Cena replied:

“Wow mr serious…u are about to go from looking serious ..to looking stupid.”

  • Devil_Rising

    They’re only doing this, not having him in a match, because they’re trying to get people to quit booing him. Ever since The Rock came back, it’s become blatantly obvious to WWE that he’s not THE superstar they might have thought he was. Between CM Punk’s rising popularity, and The Rock’s reactions blowing Cena’s out of the water, even when he’s just “via satellite”, that says something. And all Cena’s attempts to get the fans to boo Rock, haven’t worked. So if they’re not careful, Cena is going to go into WM as the heavily booed heel at WM, especially considering Rocky is from that Florida area.

    They don’t want that. So they’re doing fairly ridiculous “good guy” stuff like having him give up a spot on a PPV to Ryder, to show fans “SEE, he IS such a great guy after all”.

  • Jimbo


    Right on, bro.

  • Bill

    @Jimbo, I now love the phrase “Vince McTrolled”.

  • Bolski

    Could it be a heel turn? Maybe screw Ryder out of the US Title?

  • fivogoeswest

    What I find funny is that its been stated or rumored that WWE is expecting lowest buy rates for this ppv. So what I’m hoping is that WWE doesn’t try and connect that low buy rate with we need more cena. Not that I have anything against him its just for WWE to get back Any of their former glory they have to stop relying on just one person.

  • Callum

    i think im the only one who noticed Alicia fox tits pop out of her top on sd for a slit sec

  • Jimbo

    Anyone who honestly doesn’t think he’ll be at the PPV in some capacity, prepare to get Vince McTroll’d.

  • shawn

    yes i agree with JIR. they’ll have to hype that feud as soon as possible. kanes the buzz now and people will see him there. they could just have kane do promo without having cena on the show but he”ll probably show up during it if there is one.

  • JIR

    Cena will come out to get a cheap pop from the crowd Kane will come out and they will fight to the back and the show will go on

  • Snark Mark

    I’m torn between agreeing with Scooter or Bill. I could see him assisting Ryder after Swagger or Vickie interferes on Zigglers behalf. But it would also be interesting if the office is actually seeing if they can hold an event w/o Cena, just to see if they can. Interesting.

  • Bill

    Cena’s gonna end up on the PPV in some way. I say he’ll get involved with Ryder vs. Ziggler for some reason.

  • scooter

    I believe he isn’t booked to wrestle I think wwe are finally waking up to the fact they’ve become too dependant on him so their testing the waters with punk as the new leader of the raw brand!

  • scooter

    I believe he isn’t booked to wrestle I think wwe are finally waking up to the fact they’ve become too dependant on him so their testing the waters with punk as the new leader of the raw brand

  • Hbk fan

    I bet he comes out to his old word life them and raps about Philly and the fans hating him he does have a new cd coming out the dr is in

  • cropsy

    Fuck philly. Its the ugliest, shittiest town in america.

  • Jon

    Cena scared because it in Phily. That why.

  • http://lsdfk AUSTIN316

    wow if thats true…we might spot one kid in the arena since theirs no cena

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