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– As noted before, Jim Ross was in a car accident on Saturday and totaled his Cadillac Escalade. Ross wrote the following on Twitter about the accident:

“Thx 2 seat belt/airbag I’m sore n places I didn’t know I had but home. Escalade totaled. Hit guy head on as he made illegal turn. Blessed.”

“traveling west crossing over I35 & pickup made left turn in front of me to get I35 south. Hit him head on. Sooner Magic. Thx.”

Ross was on his way back from watching The University of Oklahoma women’s basketball team defeat Texas.

– WWE Games reps revealed that Brodus Clay will be the “monster” from last year and not The Funkasaurus when he is released for WWE ’12 later this month. Brodus will be released free via DLC.

– WWE has released 4 new WrestleMania 28 t-shirts on their shop website.

  • Tombstonepildriver

    Glad JR’s ok.

    @kamala’s foot
    Dude or should I say dud? Your about as funny as a kidney stone and your post are about as painful as one to read.

  • Little Jimmy G

    Shame about the DLC

    But least Good old JR’s Ok

  • mr kenndy i mean mr anderson lol

    there is supster threrds anyway and cimstum music if we get tghe need to change him up

  • Albert

    wasnt expecting THQ to update him, remember his not Cena! :/

  • Bill

    No Funkasaurus DLC even after delaying it for a month?!? Somebody call Brodus Clay’s mama, because THQ, we’re comin’ for you, nigga!

  • kamala’s foot

    When JR got in the car accident, instead of blood all over the car, there was bbq sauce. That accident must have been a slobber knocker. I think he got a DWI. Drinking bbq sauce While Driving.

  • venom

    I knew they wouldn’t have The Funkasaurous version in the game. We’ll have to wait for WWE13′ for that gimmick.

  • Captain Obvious

    Thank god that brodus won’t be the funkasaurus in WWE ’12
    Monster Brodus is way more awesome, and i’ll look forward to dominate the roster in wwe universe with brodus 😉

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