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Update on a Possible Kevin Nash Return, New Episode of “#OUDK” with Former WWE Stars

– Below is the fourth episode of “#OUDK” with former WWE Superstars BG James and Kip James, the New Age Outlaws. This video was shot at the Legends of the Ring convention and features Lita, Sean Waltman, Samoa Joe and others.

– Kevin Nash will reportedly finish filming the movie he is working on towards the end of this week. As noted before, Nash is expected to return to WWE TV in some capacity before the year is over. Nash also recently got some tattoo work done on his arm.

  • dx

    @venom thanks, something like that should happen i think the wwe needs some type of big group to start making things interesting again with a bunch of young talent joining it and thats a good way to help get them over will see though potential to do anything but wwe has dropped the ball on plenty of things in the past that could have been good

  • venom


    I like your idea. this can further a HHH/Punk feud.

  • Liam Catterson

    Nash to screw HHH/Punk match?!

  • Bawb

    Lita looks beautiful. And Angelina Love looks mad thin.

  • adam

    If they do the thing with vince nash and lauritnities you will see a reuniting of the bigger dx. With hhh hbk and the outlaws coming back since road dogg just signed as an agent and im sure gunn will soon too

  • dx

    waiting for nash to return at vengenace vince to reveal he was behind everything the whole time triple h to screw punk during the tag match they have now after nash makes the run in n a group consisting of laurinitis vince nash and hhh to start off this whole conspircy angle their going with now and hhh has been behind it the whole time classic make u think i was good when i was really bad angle

  • Fred

    KitKrok you wish you could pull a chick like Lita.

  • theMark

    Awww am I making u mad CM PUNKS PROMO?
    get over it u pathetic fat prick

  • KitKrock

    Lita is a man, baby.
    And Fatt Lardy actually fucked that ass. LOL

  • Controversy = Cash

    Its like im seeing double o_O

  • Cm punks promo

    Stop posing as me

  • VENGEANCE 2011

    Mark Henry [WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION] Vs. Christian

    CM Punk [WWE CHAMPION] Vs. Vince McMahon

    John Morrison [WWE jobbers Champion] Vs. Beth

    Alcohloic Hardys Vs. World Gayest Tag team [Shelton, haas]

  • theMark can u shut the fuck up asshole. 🙂 before i can fuck ur mommy up they hole….

  • theMark

    Nash prolly broke his arm while gettin the damn tattoo…that skinny Fatass!